With Smart Subscription, expand your capabilities

  • Keep pace with innovation

    It can be difficult to stay current and ensure that your staff and patients have access to the latest technology. Powered by Edison™, Smart Subscription will always keep you up to date with the latest software and applications available. The result is more depth, more precision and more speed for your imaging services
  • Harmonize your fleet

    Variations across your fleet can cause operational inefficiency and patient dissatisfaction. With Smart Subscription, it is now possible to harmonize and standardize capabilities and protocols across your fleet. The same streamlined image acquisition, processing and reading workflows promote consistency in patient care and simplify scheduling.
  • Efficient budgeting and planning

    Budgeting for upgrades and enhancements can be complex, frustrating and time consuming. With Smart Subscription financial and technology planning becomes easier with flexible payment options to either pay upfront or pay a yearly subscription fee.
expand your capabilities


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