A sophisticated and easily controllable electronic vaporizer, Tec* 6 Plus lets you deliver Desflurane with confidence.

The Tec 6 Plus is an exceptional vaporizer designed specifically for the delivery of Desflurane anaesthetic agent.

The Tec 6 Plus is an electronic vaporizer which:

  • Heats Desflurane to maintain constant temperature and vapour pressure for consistent output
  • Indicates vaporizer status on an LED display - no output, low agent, warm-up, operational and alarm battery low
  • Features several intrinsic vaporizer monitors and alarms that constantly monitor vaporizer status  

The Tec 6 Plus manages alarm priorities with alarm audio sounds while conveying alarm importance in sound sequence, visual colour and flash rate. In addition, a distinctive audio tone will sound when the vaporizer can no longer deliver agent because AC power is disconnected. The Tec 6 Plus will even recognize if it has been tilted during use, and signals that output has been shut off. The Tec 6 Plus incorporates a self-test system which checks a range of conditions each time the unit is turned on.  

The Tec 6 Plus also attaches to Datex-Ohmeda's* interlocking Selectatec* Manifold** allowing clinicians to change vaporizer arrangement from case-to-case or move vaporizers from suite-to suite without the need for tools.  

Other Tec 6 Plus Vaporizer features include:

  • An innovative non-spill system to limit movement of liquid agent if the vaporizer is momentarily tilted, protecting internal components and maintaining output within clinically acceptable limits
  • An ergonomic dial release to allow either left or right, single-handed operation


The Tec 6 Plus Offers Large Capacity, Easy Refilling  

It features:  

  • A large, 425 mL sump capacity to accommodate nearly two full bottles of Desflurane, letting you use the vaporizer for extended periods before refilling  
  • The ability to refill while the vaporizer is in use  
  • A means to refill quickly with its Saf-T-Fill valve of the Desflurane bottle which is designed to fit only the complementary filling device of the Tec 6 Plus. This valve helps prevent accidental release of vapour into the OR and helps to ensure that only Desflurane is introduced into the Tec 6 Plus.