LOGIQ™ E10 Series Ultrasound, the next level

Empowering you to make the difference in your daily care.
At a Glance

Leadership image quality and flexibility

Image a wide range of patients with clarity for diagnostic confidence

Advanced clinical tools

UGAP and 2D SWE staging, hepatic assistant workflow, CEUS and volume navigation

AI for decision support and productivity

AI-based tools help in diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiency

Smart investment

A digital platform enabling SonoDefense cyber protection and AppAPI collaboration

LOGIQ E10 Series is designed to keep your department at the forefront of clinical imaging and operational excellence.

The LOGIQ E10 Series includes two powerful models: LOGIQ E10 and LOGIQ E10s. 

Confident diagnosis.
A new standard in imaging helps clinicians confidently scan, diagnose, and treat a wide range of patients and conditions.

Its cSound™ Architecture combines versatile XDclear™ probes, cSound Imageformer and advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging to deliver exceptional image quality.

New specialty probes and added functionalities expand the clinical flexibility, empowering clinicians to explore new clinical settings. The new wireless Vscan Air™ CL dual-probe facilitates clinical versatility combined with the quality of the LOGIQ E10 Series imaging processing, and a design that’s easy to clean and keep sterile.

Confident diagnosis is also supported by an instant second opinion through new onboard AI-based decision support tools, providing lesion risk assessment aligned to BI-RADS & TI-RADS category.

Comprehensive tools.
The LOGIQ E10 Series provides access to advanced tools to enhance precision imaging across a wide range of patients.

A few of the key tools include:

2D Shear Wave Elastography with quality map enables quantitative assessment of tissue elasticity in different structures.

Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter (UGAP) enables quantification of liver steatosis to aid in early identification and monitoring of patients with MASLD, NASH or ASH.

Download the liver staging guide

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) helps clinicians clearly visualize tissue structure and lesion vascularity for confidence in lesion detection and characterization.

Volume Navigation (V Nav) enables Fusion Imaging of different imaging modalities, positioning of markers and needle tracking for easy confidence in planning and guidance of interventional procedures.

Concise workflow.
The next level of LOGIQ E10 Series ultrasound helps improve exam efficiency, user productivity, and equipment utilization.

AI-based assistant tools include:

Auto Preset Assistant:
Automatically activates the correct preset for the anatomy being scanned

Auto Abdominal Color Assistant:
Detects which abdominal organ is being scanned, automatically switching to the optimal color flow parameters

Auto Renal Measure Assistant:
Automatically detects the kidney and measures the length, height, and width

Beyond AI, enhance your productivity with:

Hepatic Assistant: Combines 2D Shear Wave Elastography and UGAP with the push of a button

Scan Assistant: Customizable exam protocols to enhance standardization

EZ Imaging: Enhances workflow with customizable probe pre-sets, and simplified touch panel resulting in 32% less time1

Smart investment.
Sophisticated operational support to help you enhance ROI.

Enterprise solutions: Including MyGEHealthCare performance analytics, remote software/security updates, and advanced system diagnostics.

Scalability: Robust, standard features and scalable options to configure the optimal system to meet your abdominal, cardiac, OB/GYN, vascular, breast, and musculoskeletal imaging needs.

Cybersecurity: GE HealthCare’s SonoDefense multi-layer approach to cybersecurity helps keep the systems safe and functional in the face of cyberthreats and helps protect patient data from unauthorized access.

Cleanability: LOGIQ products are designed with cleaning and disinfection in mind.

Cleaning for consoles
Cleaning for probes

Vscan Air CL wireless imaging now available on the LOGIQ portfolio

Stretch the boundaries of patient management with easy access to portable wireless imaging. Pair your Vscan Air™ CL wireless dual probe with a LOGIQ console to scan and then display, optimize, save, and review images with the power of LOGIQ processing.

Get more from your investment

The next level of Enterprise value added offerings will help you be efficient and effective with LOGIQ E10 Series Ultrasound

Fleet performance management

Ultrasound Excellence, our neutral (GE & non-GE) analytics solution, consolidates the data use of your Ultrasound systems across your hospital into powerful and intuitive dashboards to help you make data-driven operational and financial decisions.

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1. Based on a GE HealthCare internal study