Venue™ Family

Made for Your Point of Care.

Designed For Your Needs, Adapts for Your Challenges.

Simple, fast and precise ultrasound for every moment, GE Healthcare’s Venue Family of AI-enabled point of care systems are adaptable, intuitive and easy to clean. These systems are designed for your point of care spaces and environments with heightened infection control requirements. Our automated and advanced clinical tools enable fast assessments, support your life-saving decisions, and monitor patient progress even in unpredictable, chaotic environments.

3 Systems. 1 Shared Platform.

Venue Family’s design enables a fast and confident diagnosis. Built around a powerful imaging engine and broad range of interchangeable probes, it’s adaptable to your department. The Venue Family is ready when and where you need it. 

Made for Your Point of Care.

Inspired by the needs of physicians, the Venue Family of products was developed specifically for point of care medicine. No two patients are the same, nor are the needs of physicians from the ED to the ICU, from MSK to Pediatrics. Built for a wide range of environments, the Venue Family is flexible and supports the needs of clinicians.

Simplify your Workflow.

  • Reduce keystrokes
    Up to 80%1 | eFAST Diagram

    Assess and document patient status, from internal bleeding to pneumothorax, aligned to the eFAST protocol.
  • Tap and Select Findings | Renal Diagram
    Simplify documentation and provide easy follow up for patients with suspected hydronephrosis. No need to manually type findings, simply tap the appropriate label that corresponds to your image.
  • LUSS in one view | Lung Diagram
    A single view diagram of anatomical lung segments with one click image storing. Keeps track of your segmental lung assessment and calculates an overall Lung Ultrasound Score to help follow patients’ response to therapy.

Made for your needs during the lifecycle of your system

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