Radiography systems

Empower your team with solutions that streamline your workflow while delivering great images to help you quickly reach accurate diagnoses and provide better care.

Radiography Systems

    Smart solutions

    Supportive on-device AI helps you improve triage care

    Expanded capabilities

    Advanced applications help you uncover critical information

    Improved accuracy

    Automation and cutting-edge technology help reduce workflow errors

    Clarity from the start

    Helix™ Advanced Image Processing provides sharp detail and consistent performance

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    Turn your patient's first impression into a lasting one with high quality images that help get fast, accurate answers.

    X-ray is vital for diagnosing and treating patients, and technology continues to evolve. GE HealthCare's X-ray systems include AI and automation features, enabling technologists achieve more with less effort. These features can help reduce errors and help speed up the diagnostic process, allowing you to make a significant impact on healthcare. Now is the time to see something new in X-ray with GE HealthCare innovation.

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    Advanced applications


    “We're two hours from most service techs. It's nice that they have the remote option to dial in and figure out what part they need or do some troubleshooting over the phone to figure out what they need to bring before they come down here. We're a small facility, and we have limited equipment. This keeps our downtime to a minimum.”

    Julie Wiechmann

    Radiology Supervisor, Wagner Community Memorial Hospital


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    Options in the market can make investing in new equipment or technology for your facility an overwhelming task. That's where our buyer's guide steps in to help, providing you with the questions to ask, tradeoffs to consider, and more.