Providing precision patient care demands a holistic view of your equipment

Your equipment is more than any one particular component or individual accessory. When it comes to the lifespan of your equipment, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Because when patient care is a part of the equation—whether you’re expanding your capabilities with a new accessory or replacing a used consumable—Every detail matters.

Precision through cohesion

Increase equipment lifespan with accessories specifically designed for compatibility

Proven quality

Tested to match the latest standards of performance and durability

Avoid workflow disruption

Avoid waiting for shipped products by having them on hand

Easy and simple ordering

Quickly find and purchase the accessories you need 24/7

Quality in engineering. Quality in maintenance. Quality in support.

We build the equipment, parts and the accessories. No one understands our technology better than we do. OEM-quality parts and accessories provide a holistic solution that helps optimize equipment performance, and may positively impact your ability to deliver more precise and personalized patient care.

Compatibility and quality

Designed to work accurately with their base device or system and manufactured to GE Healthcare specifications, our accessories are created by the same engineering teams that built the original product. Performed by teams with a deep understanding of the importance of clinical accessories, our accessories undergo the same rigorous quality testing that every piece of equipment goes through to match the standards of utility, performance, and reliability. And when feedback arrives from customers, we correct the problem and ensure its quality going forward.

Maximizing uptime

While third-party accessories for older devices are often more difficult to find, GE Healthcare continues to provide parts and accessories for its technology as long as it remains in the market, regardless of popularity or if a new model is released. Because when you have the accessories you need on hand, you help improve uptime by avoiding wait times for shipped products during times of need.

Superior support, easy ordering

Quickly search and find the parts and Clinical Accessories you need with mobile-friendly online ordering available through Service Shop 24/7, a streamlined shopping experience ensuring your next order is just a few clicks or a quick phone call away. You can also integrate Service Shop with your CMMS, ERP, or procurement system for convenient ordering at no additional cost. Pricing shown in Service Shop reflects the total price, eliminating any hidden fees that may be included by other third party providers.

How OEM makes a difference

As high-grade medical equipment can have specific nuances and requirements, using anything other than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or accessories with your equipment can potentially impact performance.

Testing the TruSignal SpO2 Sensor for Accuracy | GE Healthcare (United Kingdom)

Accessories such as SPO2 cables and sensors can affect the performance of the monitoring equipment, and it’s critical that the accessories you use with your monitoring unit are tested and proven to work properly with one another.

Diversify Your Blood Pressure Cuff Inventory | GE Healthcare (United States)

There have been many issues reported from customers where third party blood pressure cuffs are used with GE Healthcare equipment. Keeping a variety of blood pressure cuffs - like GE’s large range - to meet patients' needs enables accurate readings and in turn, exceptional treatment.

Quickly find the exact part or accessory you need, when you need it with 24/7 access to online ordering.