The AI Effect:

Research shows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help healthcare professionals do their jobs the way they’ve always wanted to by giving them the time and tools to focus on what matters and build a more efficient and intelligent ecosystem for patient care.

A new report on how AI is already impacting healthcare today from MIT Technology Review Insights and GE Healthcare

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NASA-style command centers are used in hospitals

NASA-like command centers now in seven hospitals and growing

NASA-style hospital command centers use for AI and predictive analysis to improve patient coordination and care, at a lower cost.

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GE Healthcare AI-embedded X-Ray system

AI-embedded X-Ray system could help speed up detection of a collapsed lung

Pneumothorax impacts nearly 74,000 Americans every year. An AI algorithm could help radiologists prioritize the review of critical cases.

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GE Healthcare AI technology helps doctors with critical measurement

AI helps doctors with critical measurement during pregnancy

Automating the process of measuring the fetal brain may help get crucial data faster and easier.

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GE Healthcare’s AI-based, automated workflow tool for MRI

Hospital seeing results from deep learning-based application for MRI

An AI-based, automated workflow tool for MRI brain scanning that automatically “prescribes” slices to help reduce redundant, manual steps.

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GE Healthcare Edison Platform Orchestrating AI to improve workflows

Edison Platform and Orchestrating AI to improve workflows

New intelligent applications and smart devices built using Edison™, GE Healthcare’s secure intelligence platform help clinicians be more efficient and better serve their patients.

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Radiologists save time with app

Radiologists save time with app to wirelessly and securely transmit images

The same technology enabling driverless cars and 3D video games is powering this ultrasound system that integrates AI, cloud connectivity, and advanced algorithms to acquire and reconstruct data.

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"One of the privileges of being part of a global healthcare organization is the opportunity to listen and learn from those on the front lines of this business of keeping and making people healthy. You also get to see the progression of big trends reshaping the industry from many angles. The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of those moments. The increased use of data analytics and machine learning, combined with connected devices and genomics, is ushering in a new era with the potential for real breakthroughs in patient outcomes and operational efciencies. At GE Healthcare, we look forward to continuing on our 100-year journey alongside our partners on the front lines of health care, as they seek to tackle this and the next big trend that becomes reality. Because no matter what external factors shape and remake the industry, our collective goals in the business of keeping and making people healthy will always be about doing so in the most precise, individualized, and compassionate way possible. This isn’t just a business, after all—it’s humanity."

President and CEO, GE Healthcare