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    Enterprise Imaging

    From unforgettable milestones to extraordinary moments, it’s remarkable what we can see in this world. By connecting healthcare teams through every image, every scan and every report, we reveal the full picture of a patient’s story. What we see is more precise, personalized care. Care that is ultimately human. And it starts with Enterprise Imaging.

    Enabling Ultimately Human Care

    Join us as we uncover how Enterprise Imaging solutions can help deliver ultimately human care. We’ll look at how cardiology and radiology care models can be transformed—and what that means for the evolving role of IT. And, finally, we’ll explore what’s on the horizon of ultimately human care.


    or more increase in Radiologist productivity¹

    Up to 50%

    reduction in footprint and implementation costs²

    Up to 60%

    faster workflow through AI integration³


    reduction in workflow turnaround times⁴

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    Enabling Ultimately Human Care

    As we explore the possibilities of Enterprise Imaging, we’ll share what we learn and how it affects your patients, care models and teams. From industry expert points of view to the nuts and bolts of embarking on an implementation journey.
    Future of Enterprise Imaging

    Enterprise Imaging and the Evolution of Ultimately Human Care

    What if you could transform the way your patients receive care? If you could reduce the administrative burden on care teams? Enterprise Imaging plays an integral role in advancing connected care and helping us deliver care that’s ultimately human.

    Innovations are helping to streamline care pathways, speeding time to insight and decisions, and optimizing workflows. Learn how an enterprise-level solution can help make care more efficient, returning time to patients, lowering costs, and improving ROI.

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    Results vary depending on customer-specific considerations. Examples below from specific case studies: 

    1. Based on internal studies by Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates, Inc.

    2. Over similar Centricity PACS implementation

    3. Example reading time reduction for MS disease specific reporting with use of Icobrain ms by Icometrix

    4. EMRAD Customer Testimonial JB69243XE