Caption Guidance

Scan with confidence

Guiding you to acquire diagnostic-quality, cardiac ultrasound images

Prescriptive Guidance

Real-time, turn-by-turn prompts to help you properly position your probe

Quality Meter

The meter rises as the image improves and gets closer to diagnostic-quality

Save Best Clip

Select the best available image loop from the continuous recording


Save your clip, hands-free when the quality threshold is reached

Helps you before, during and after the scan

Before the exam

Preliminary probe placement information shows you where to place and how to orient the ultrasound probe. As you begin the exam, a handy reference image shows you the image you are trying to acquire.

During the scan

Follow the prescriptive guidance provided on the screen. Move the probe slowly – and watch the Quality Meter rise as you get closer to an image of diagnostic quality.

After scanning

Easily review your recorded clips prior to ending your exam to make sure you have all the views you need.

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