Radiography Systems

Helping you make the first image count

Radiography Systems

Helping you make the first image count

X-Ray is the hospital’s first impression of a patient. Just like first impressions with people, the first image taken helps set the path going forward. With our start-up mentality, we’re focused on reinventing X-Ray to be an intuitive and technologically powerful tool, that helps you deliver greater confidence. Our mind is set on helping you swiftly and carefully determine the right course of action to shape amazing and valuable care — all from that first image.
  • Fixed RAD Systems

    Discovery XR656 Plus

    Description for the Discovery XR656 plus : Discovery* XR656 Plus lets you enjoy productivity and workflow benefits thanks to FlashPad*, a wireless...

    Optima XR646

    The Optima XR646 is designed to help your team perform exams quickly and with ease. With the AutoRAD package of automated features, you can feel good knowing...

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    Proteus XR/f

    The Proteus XR/f digital radiography system lets you image any patient who comes in the door – economically, with confidence and clarity.
  • Mobile X-Ray Systems

    Optima XR200amx

    The OptimaTM XR200amx is a digital-ready system that can meet your x-ray needs and budget today, with the ability to upgrade to digital when you're ready.

    Optima XR240amx

    Designed to be the highest resolution pediatric capable mobile x-ray systems in the industry.

    Optima XR220amx

    Built upon the proven legacy of the AMX mobile X-ray system, the OptimaTM XR220amx brings the benefits of digital imaging technology to patients and simplified workflow...
  • Advanced Applications

    VolumeRAD™ Digital Tomosynthesis

    Volumetric images at a low dose. Right here, right now.

    Auto Image Paste

    Acquire multiple images in one fast, seamless, highly automated exam.

    Dual Energy Subtraction

    Acquire multiple images within milliseconds at different energy levels.