Care that can personalise.

GE HealthCare @ EANM’23
9-13 September, Vienna • Booth #416, Hall 4, Level 0

Care that can personalise.

GE HealthCare is putting personalised care at the core of molecular imaging. We have imagined and opened a new era in healthcare with Theranostics, supporting a tailored approach to molecular imaging1.

Care that can unlock the potential of Theranostics.
Every step of the care you provide is an opportunity to make personalised decisions for your patients. One pathway focused on enabling intelligently efficient and precise, personalised care is Theranostics, the process of bringing together diagnostics and therapeutics.

Care that can discover, diagnose, and treat.
Healthcare’s focus has begun to shift from treatment to risk definition, patient stratification, personalised health promotion, and disease prevention strategies.
In partnership with you, GE HealthCare can play a critical role in the future of molecular imaging with a new, more tailored, more compassionate approach to PET and SPECT/CT.

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Mathias Goyen, Chief Medical Officer EMEA,
GE HealthCare

Advancing Next Generation Radiotracers to Help Improve Patient Outcomes

Paul Evans PhD, Head of Global R&D, GE HealthCare
Regina Young, Head of Global Market Access,
GE HealthCare

How Omni Legend Delivers Increased Flexibility to Clinical Applications

Prof. Mirosław Dzuik, Affidea PET/CT Centre, Warsaw, Poland

StarGuide™: the Future of SPECT/CT is 3D

Tommi Noponen, Medical Physicist, Adj. Prof., Turku University Hospital, Finland

Join us at EANM’23

Care that can unlock the potential of Theranostics.

GE HealthCare is pioneering the Theranostics pathway. This potential of new advancements is changing lives and offering new hope to the care pathway. Innovations include sophisticated automated tools and AI based reconstruction algorithms to assist clinicians with growing imaging data.
We pioneer the solutions that bring hope. Are you interested?

Join us at EANM’23.

Care that can discover, diagnose, and treat.

GE HealthCare’s complete portfolio of Theranostics-enabling solutions is designed specifically for this new era in cancer care. Let’s embark in the journey to transform the approach to cancer discovery, diagnosis, and treatment.

Because the future of medicine is here - and it’s personal.

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  2. SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ is a premium configuration of SIGNA™ PET/MR. Not yet CE marked. Not available for sale in all regions.