CardIQ Function Xpress

Fast and automated tools for functional assessment from a multiphase Cardiac CT exam.
At a glance

Automatic chamber detection

Automatically detects all chambers in all phases.

Automatic Ejection Fraction

Automatic ejection fraction of ventricles and chamber volume analysis.

Myocardial Analysis

Provides single-click myocardial analysis with bull’s eye images.
  • Automatically selects each heart chamber for individual volume analysis.
  • Automatic detection of the endocardial and epicardial walls for wall motion, wall thickness, wall thickening and myocardial mass analysis.
  • Automatic volume analysis of all chambers.
  • Automatically calculates left atrium volume while excluding the pulmonary vein.
  • Perform myocardial analysis with wall motion, wall thickness, and mass calculations.
  • Streamlined multiphase beating images for easy visualization of cardiac wall motion.
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