CT Perfusion 4D Neuro

Quick, automatic & complete tissue assessment for treatment confidence. All the functionnal information you need… Now.

CT Perfusion 4D Neuro is a fast, easy-to-use automated software for tissue assessment of perfusion change on CT images related to stroke and tumor angiogenesis. It's simple user interface and fully automated workflow will assist you in making treatment decision with high accuracy and confidence

What’s new

  • Streamlined Workflow for tissue classification
  • CT Brain stroke and tumor protocols
  • Improved IQ of functional maps in presence of noise
  • Improved processing time
  • ROI mirroring capabilities and 3D ROI creation for detailed quantitative information
advanced visualization ct perfusion 4d.


  • Visualize all information in true volumetric form with the ability to employ all the volumetric-based image analysis tools in the AW Volume Viewer.
  • Smart Maps using the intelligent 4D noise suppression algorithm improves functional map image quality in the presence of noise.
  • Streamlined tissue classification and visualization incorporates thresholding of Blood Volume with any one of Tmax, MTT or Blood Flow.
  • Productivity enhancements include:
    • Automated vessel detection
    • Progressive functional maps computation.
    • Volumetric visualization of functional maps
    • Access from anywhere using AW Server.
  • Many basic features, including the ability to:
    • Process double phase acquisition data.
    • Create 4D ROIs.
    • Display ROI statistical information.
    • Display averaged time intensity information of an ROI.
    • Simultaneously review any number of functional maps.
    • Customize protocols
    • Save parameters.
  • Fully integrated CT brain stroke protocol that performs the following algorithmic steps:
    • Image registration
    • Bone removal
    • Arterial input
    • Venous output
    • Last pre-enhancement/first post-enhancement image
    • Final settings and compute
  • Fully integrated CT brain tumor protocol.
  • Functional maps:
    • Regional cerebral blood volume
    • Regional cerebral blood flow
    • Regional mean transit time
    • Contrast arrival delay
    • Transit time to peak of impulse residue function
    • Capillary permeability surface area
    • Base image
    • Average image 

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CT Perfusion 4D Neuro application is supported on AW Workstation and AW Server platforms.