Confident diagnosis with easier workflow.
Confident diagnosis with easier workflow.

GSI has the exciting potential to be used as a routine scan acquisition mode offering additional anatomical and functional information to help expedite and assist in an accurate CT diagnosis.

Gemstone Spectral Imaging (GSI) is a novel dual energy application that uses rapid kV switching to acquire the dual energy samples almost simultaneously to generate material density data that can be used for the separation of materials and derivation of monochromatic spectral images using a projection based reconstruction algorithm.


  • Select from 101 monochromatic energy levels for image visualization.
  • Visualize virtual non-contrast like image.
  • View material density and effective atomic number images to discriminate tissue type.
  • Use image overlay tool to fuse material and effective atomic number information on monochromatic image.
  • VOI tool to selectively visualize a volume of interest.
aw gsi viewer.


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