Stroke VCAR provides a simplified workflow solution to help analyze and assess intracerebral and subdural hematomas aneurysms.

Stroke VCAR (Volume Computer Assisted Reading) gives you a complete reading workflow solution for a comprehensive and robust analysis of hematoma and aneurysms. Hematoma assessment is done using semi-automated segmentation tools married with innovative interactive editing capability in the form of SmartMesh. Aneurysm assessment is done through an innovative user guided aneurysm segmentation and visualization. And the program lets you generate a clear, concise clinical report.


  • Fast segmentation of intracerebral and subdural hematoma.
  • Semi-automatically segment the hematomas in a non-contrast CT.
  • Users can volumetrically track changes in cerebral hematomas over time.
  • Intuitive, user guided aneurysm segmentation tools allow for easy assessment and reporting.
  • Introducing SmartMesh: An innovative editing tool that provides immediate visual feedback to know what you’re editing.
  • Fully integrated with Spectral CT when used with GSI datasets.

Intended Use

Stroke VCAR is a CT image analysis software package that provides information to physicians to assist them in the analysis and visualization of Brain CT data derived from DICOM 3.0 compliant CT scans. Stroke VCAR is designed for the purpose of segmenting and assessing intracerebral and intracranial hemorrhages in the brain using semi-automated tools on non-contrast CT exams. Additionally Stroke VCAR provides a set of workflow tools for the segmentation and visualization of aneurysms in the brain from contrast enhanced CT exams. It is intended for use by clinicians to process, review, archive, print and distribute CT studies.

This software will assist the user by providing initial 3D segmentation, measurements and visualization of hemorrhages and aneurysm in the brain. The user has the ability to adjust, review and has to confirm the final segmentation.