Helping you visualize and interpret your multimodality imaging data with confidence and ease.

Today's imaging modalities provide a wealth of diagnostic information, but also present a challenge to your Radiology workflow as patient exam sizes continue to increase while your time for reading and reporting decreases. Volume Viewer provides you with a rich 3D image processing toolset aimed at creating and displaying the views you need with minimal user input, and streamlining interpretation and reporting for multimodality exams.

Volume Viewer provides state-of-the-art 3D visualization and processing capabilities for reading and comparing CT, MR, 3D X-ray, PET, and PET/CT datasets. Volume Viewer also features a broad portfolio of high-performance analysis tools, automating routine tasks and helping to make 3D image processing a stress-free component of your routine workflow.


  • Powerful SW platform for multi-modality clinical applications.
  • Streamlined 3D review workflow.
  • Automatic image loading and processing.
  • AutoSelect segmentation tools with easy point and click segmentation of structures of interest.
  • Multi-modality contouring.
  • Dynamic Load.
  • Consistent image capture capability.


System Requirements