Prodigy for Bone and Metabolic Health

High performance, efficient and reliable DXA system with the versatility to offer bone density test and body composition analysis
At a Glance

Streamlined patient care

Time saving features and applications designed to reduce scan time and alert for potential scan errors.


Prodigy is our proven and dependable DXA product with a large global installed base across 120+ countries.

Advanced clinical tools

A wide breadth of applications for bone health and body composition analysis, with a multi-user database that enables remote analysis.

Low Dose

Narrow fan beam scanning combined with K-edge filter and photon-counting technologies help keep radiation dose low.

Performance and reliability for bone health and body composition

Prodigy is a high performance, efficient and reliable DXA system with versatility, offering bone density and body composition analysis. Prodigy comes in full and compact sizes, with the option to scale up to a wide range of clinical applications.


Prodigy DXA systems help enhance your patient care and practice workflow with the following benefits:
  • Bone Mineral Density (BMD) assessment to help with diagnosing osteoporosis
  • Optional Integrated Trabecular Bone Score (TBS), Advanced Hip Assessment, FRAX and other tools can aid in assessing borderline cases
  • Measurement of lean and fat-tissue mass, including percentage of fat, for body composition assessment and to help with understanding metabolic health risk1
  • Streamlined patient care with applications for faster scanning and less dose
  • Improved practice workflow with customizable and easy-to-use reporting

Prodigy, a trusted name

Clinicians, Researchers and Practitioners have been using the Prodigy DXA system for more than 20 years. With over 14,500 installed units, Prodigy has been mentioned in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in leading journals and is trusted worldwide to help provide patient care.

Patient care optimized

Prodigy provides fast DXA scanning with low dose. Designed to help you quickly and efficiently assess patient bone health and body composition, it also allows remote viewing and analysis of exams for further efficiency. Robust reporting option are customizable and make it easy to share data and conclusions with patients and referring physicians.

3rd Generation DXA Technology

Prodigy is built on multiple generations of DXA innovations and is designed with a patented narrow-angle fan beam technology. It uses multiple scan sweeps to triangulate bone position in order to remove magnification effects and provide distortion-free images2,3. Photon-counting detectors are dose-efficient and contribute to its excellent precision.

Advancements in DXA

VAT and SAT Reporting
Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue results are available using the optional CoreScan application. Use this tool to gain greater insights into body composition and use trending to see changes over time.

Integrated Trabecular Bone Score (TBS)
Using this optional Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) application, a DXA AP Spine scan can be used to assess bone micro-architecture. TBS can provide a greater understanding of the quality of bone (in addition to quantity of bone provided by BMD), to offer additional information for insights into patient bone health. Combined with BMD and FRAX, TBS is especially useful for assessing patients that have a BMD that is borderline for osteoporosis.
  1. Body composition tools may require additional optional features, depending on base DXA model, and may not be available in all regions. Consult local sales rep for more information.
  2. DOC2394414 - GE Healthcare - Bone & Metabolic Health: The Advantages of BMH Lunar Technology.
  3. Mazess RB, et al, “Axial and Total Body Densitometry Using a Narrow-Angle Fan-Beam, ” Osteoporos Intl, vol. 11, pp. 158-166, 2000.
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