CASE Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing

CASE V7 is a CE marked medical device. CASE V7 is not available in all markets and is not 510k cleared.
Broader measurements.
The CASE™ Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing supports detection and effective management of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). It provides clinicians with a suite of comprehensive diagnostic measurements, offering deeper insights and broader perspective on cardiac patient management.
  • We added measurements, not complexity

  • Quick, easy-to-read results

Broader testing flexibility.
The more testing devices and modalities you can integrate with your cardiac assessment system, the more flexibility you have in choosing the right combination for each patient.

Not all accessories shown below are available in all markets.

  • Comfortable and scalable

  • Blood Pressure: Accurate, hands-free monitoring

  • Ergometry: Have it your way

  • Imaging Studies: Trusted leadership technology

Broader interoperability. Better workflow.
Cardiac testing is increasingly complex and interoperability with your enterprise systems is critical. The ability to connect CASE to your network gives you more workflow options.

CASE Integration

CASE Integration
  • CardioSoft™ client access

    allows you to view and edit procedure data
  • Communicate with RIS/PACS,

    Retrieve DICOM modality work lists and send test results
  • Communicate with MUSE

    Retrieve orders and demographics data and send test results
  • Remote Review

    allows you to view real-time stress test ECG waveforms from up to 6 CASE systems
  • Maintaining patient data security

Scalable and flexible.
Whatever the size of your facility, your stress solution can be configured to maximize productivity and simplify workflow based on your IT and clinical needs. CASE can seamlessly integrate to MUSETM, and PACS systems so results are available virtually anywhere, anytime. Clinical analysis data, report results, manual interpretations and confirmations are included, providing a comprehensive view of the patient’s diagnosis.