Infant Care Accessories

Maintaining a clean airflow and a dark, quiet environment is important for neonatal patients. Equally important is keeping the baby's temperature stable. The BiliSoft™ Pad Covers and Pad Nests are designed for use with the BiliSoft™ Phototherapy Systems, which are used to treat both premature and full-term infants for hyperbilirubinemia.

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Download the sheets and the catalog for more explanations on our accessories and to know the complete list of maternal infant care accessories.

Reliable accessories that support maternal & infant care and protect equipment from being contaminated.

  • Accurate

    GE accessories are held to the same high-quality standard as all GE maternal & Infant Care products. It’s a measure of accuracy you can count on, enabling you to deliver excellent quality care.

  • Comfortable

    The Pad Covers & nets, belt for maternal monitoring etc. are made of soft and skin-friendly material that help with patient comfort.

  • Compatible

    Our clinical accessories are intuitively designed and can be easily installed on patients or on equipment, saving time for the clinician to focus on patient care.