Imactis® CT-Navigation™

Planning and navigation solution for interventional percutaneous radiology.
At a glance


Improve accuracy to reach target and avoid critical structures and organs¹


Ideal to use with various percutaneous interventions² with various complexity


Quick set-up of less than 5 min³, and a short learning curve of 6.6⁴ cases on average


Mobile and compatible with existing and new CT scanners

Imactis® CT-Navigation™ is an electromagnetic (EM) navigation solution for CT-guided percutaneous procedures

Imactis® CT-Navigation™ is designed to radically improve efficiency of Interventional procedures for clinicians and hospitals by increasing their accuracy.
1. P. Durand et al. (Plos One, 2017), CHU Grenoble Alpes (France)
2. *Not indicated for guidance in the head, neck and central nervous or central circulatory system (Heart included)
3. As measured internally by IMACTIS. Results may vary.
4. Based on Imactis® CT-Navigation™ users response to internal interview. Results may vary.

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