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Advanced Precision Images, Powered By AI

Improved Efficiency

Ahead of the Curve

  • Deep Learning-based MaxFOV 2

    See more, see better

    Specify CT scan accuracy with a full 80 cm field of view.

    The precise dose calculation in CT simulation requires the full and accurate view of the patient’s skin line and tissue densities. In practice, truncation often occurs in CT images due to the limited display field-of view(DFOV), extra-large patient size, or the unique off-centered patient positioning needed to accommodate immobilization devices.

    MaxFOV 2 is an AI-powered, extended-Field-of-View technology that extends DFOV up to 80 cm, with specified accuracy
    • ±2 mm skin line accuracy with ±40 HU accuracy of water for truncation up to 70 cm
    • ±3 mm skin line accuracy with ±60 HU accuracy of water for truncation up to 80 cm*

    MaxFOV 2 has the potential to increase your confidence in high accuracy of patient contour and tissue density determination sufficient for dose calculation.

    * As demonstrated by phantom testing, accuracy value can be reproduced using GE recommended testing method
  • Deep Learning Image Reconstruction TrueFidelity CT Images

    Take image quality to the next level

    Gain superb resolution and clarity for precise delineation and contouring.

    GE proprietary Deep Learning Image Reconstruction is the first AIpowered CT image reconstruction technology. It features a deep neural network (DNN) that can discern noise from signals and intelligently suppress the noise without impacting anatomical and pathological structures.

    The resulting TrueFidelity CT images have superb high contrast spatial resolution and low contrast detectability, without impacting Hounsfield unit accuracy.

    Revolution CT ES’ outstanding performance in resolution and soft-tissue imaging has the potential to benefit precise target delineation and organ-at-risk (OAR) contouring.
  • Metal Artifact Reduction for single and dual energy

    Outsmart metal

    Save time correcting images by reducing metal artifacts.

    High density metal objects like orthopedic implants and fixtures, dental filings, and endovascular coils block critical anatomy and slow down the radiotherapy planning process. Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) is an image reconstruction algorithm that’s proven to effectively reduce metal artifacts and reveal hidden anatomical and pathological structures.

    Smart MAR and GSI MAR have the potential to save you time and improve the precision in dose calculation and organ delineation.

  • Exceptional image quality for single and dual energy. MAR uses a three-stage, projection-based process to help deliver consistent, enhanced image quality that addresses both beam hardening and photon starvation artifacts
  • Streamlined workflow. MAR facilitates an efficient, single-scan process everywhere, anytime
  • Versatility. MAR is designed to enhance clarity across a range of cases with metal including scans with hip implants, dental fillings, screws or her metal in the body