A breakthrough 4D CT innovation only from GE Healthcare.

Deviceless 4D―a breakthrough innovation only from GE Healthcare―introduces a new design that delivers an alternative solution to an external device.

Generate 4D gated images for treatment planning simply and efficiently with automated Smart Deviceless 4D workflow.


Next-generation, device-free technology enables improved workflow productivity while delivering superb image quality.

The best of phase-based and amplitude-based binning.
Traditional 4D imaging solutions have utilized one of several sorting methods―with phase-based and amplitude-based binning being the most prevalent. Deviceless 4D combines the benefits of both phase and amplitude binning, sorting by time of image acquisition and by amplitude of the motion trace. This unique method helps achieve excellent 4D CT image quality results required for radiation therapy planning.

Measures internal anatomical metrics.
Rather than tracking external changes on the body due to breathing, Deviceless 4D uses internal anatomical metrics directly from the image data to determine the breathing signal. This gives clinicians a clear picture of how internal anatomy is moving in time, to precisely target tumors while sparing healthy tissue.

Seamless―from start to finish.
Deviceless 4D calculates the patient's breathing cycle length prior to the CT simulation, automates the sorting of 4D CT images into the desired respiratory bins, creates intensity projection datasets (e.g. MIP) and makes them available for virtual simulation. This makes the entire 4D process easier than ever before.