• Minimized potential contamination risk between gantry and console rooms

    Remote Control Suite is designed to position patients remotely from the scan control room, allowing the technologist to remain isolated from the patient. This kit solution is suitable for sites with scanners operated by one or two persons:

    • A single radiographer can manage the entire workflow remotely, from exam start to end.
    • Where there are two radiographers, one remains at the console without entering the gantry room, and the other manages patient setup and assists with post-scan steps.
perform ct examinations with peace of mind

With Remote Control Suite, you can:

  • A system designed to position patients remotely from the scan control room

    Remote Control Suite includes a control panel that is located near the CT console. The operator can perform all tasks, from welcoming the patient until the end of the exam, without entering the CT room. With a three-video monitoring system* installed in the gantry room, you can:

    • Adjust the gantry
    • Activate light alignments
    • Position the table
  • Both of these tools help the patients feel safe and reassured that they will be monitored and not left alone at any time during the process.

* Can be sold as separate option.