TrueFidelity™ GSI images

Image quality makes all the difference

  • Premium clinical solutions for challenging clinical cases

    The true testament of CT engineering is to make something work beyond the ideal patient under ideal circumstances. With software and hardware designed to truly work together, Revolution Apex provides the best image quality not just for the ideal patient, but
    for every patient. 
GEHC Revolution Apex Platform 1 v1

A limitless platform for now and the future

An elegantly practical design

GEHC Revolution Apex Platform 3 v1


The voice of customers

GEHC Revolution Apex Continuum 1 v1
introducing smart subscription

A CT that keeps getting better

GEHC Revolution Apex Applications 1 v1
premium clinical solutions for challenging clinical cases

The best image quality for every patient

GEHC Revolution Apex Summary 1 v1

You lead the way

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