Revolution™ CT Scanners

Revolution™ Apex
Revolution™ Frontier
Revolution™ Ascend
Revolution™ Maxima

Revolution Apex™ Platform

A cutting-edge platform with best-in-class technology and unparalleled clinical capabilities that puts your radiology department not just ahead of the curve, but beyond it.

Powerful platform

Exceptional technology in every dimension of the CT imaging chain

Uncompromised clinical solution

Uncompromised clinical solutions across a wide range of care areas

Built-in scalability and upgradability

Future-ready platform ensures quick access to the next generation of CT innovation

Revolution™ Frontier

Ideal for creating full confidence in oncology diagnosis and treatment paths, Revolution™ Frontier offers both routine spectral and high-resolution imaging.

Breakthrough imaging technology

Designed to take technology to the next level for your high-performance needs

Performix™ HD plus X-ray tube

Reduces the wear that is typical with conventional ball bearing technology

Gemstone™ clarity

Significant reduction in electronic noise

SnapShot Freeze 2 motion correction

Provides a 6x improvement in reducing blurring artifacts of the coronary arteries due to cardiac motion.*
*As demonstrated in cardiac phantom testing

Revolution™ Ascend

Built for operational efficiency with an AI-based workflow solution, simple user interface, and cutting-edge technology, Revolution™ Ascend was designed to streamline and automate the entire CT experience


Revolution Ascend utilizes AI technology to automatically suggest protocols and position the patient.


Clarity Operator Environment can consistently provide the optimal scan range settings, dose and image quality for each patient.


Revolution Ascend lets you choose the right image review and analysis package for your system

Revolution™ Maxima

Ideal for high-throughput, routine imaging sites, Revolution™ Maxima is a powerful, high-performing, reliable CT designed to maximize every step of the CT workflow, from referral to report.

Right place, less time

AI-based Auto Positioning allows for a hands-free positioning experience

One-click, hands-free automation

Simplify the entire patient setup process

Everything you need

Preloaded with the capabilities essential to getting the right information at the right image quality

Findings you can clearly dictate

A collection of smart applications to continue to support you after images reach the reading room.

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