Smart Subscription for CT

Smart Subscription is a subscription service that helps you keep pace with clinical and workflow innovations, by providing the latest upgrades and updates to your existing CT capabilities.1
At a glance

Keep pace

Provide software upgrades and updates1 with the first subscription-based service for CT

Drive consistency

Utilize the same capabilities across all your systems and sites for consistent exams

Adopt flexibility

Access a broad range of application packages across many different imaging services

Imagine being right on the cutting edge of innovation

Smart Subscription helps solve the oldest challenge with buying imaging equipment: every time you buy a new system, you’re locked into its capabilities even as new capabilities become available. Smart Subscription helps overcome this challenge by making it possible to keep your CT systems up-to-date.

Pick the plan that’s right for you

Smart Subscription includes a broad range of application packages across many different imaging services, giving you the flexibility to choose how you want to expand your CT capabilities.

Everyone starts with the Base Package. Then, you can choose to add additional packages individually or subscribe to the Unlimited Edition for access to all applications. By subscribing to an individual package, you will get access to current capabilities offered within that package, but also any future updates and upgrades1 that will be deployed.

Discover our CT Smart Subscription packages

General Imaging

Delivering the latest innovations to improve image quality, reduce dose and minimize artifacts. In addition to the Recon & IQ applications, the Base package also delivers the latest CT system software and enabling hardware² and solutions to automate the CT protocol selection.

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Note that some applications may not be available in all countries and package content and availability may vary depending on CT systems.
1 Software available to customer is dependent on the software package purchased by customer
2 If applicable
3 StrokeSENS™ is legally manufactured by Circle Neurovascular Imaging, Inc. StrokeSENS is not available for sale in all countries.

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