MAC 7 Resting ECG

Intuitive. Connected. Secure.


85% of users agree that they need minimal training1

Network connectivity

Designed to integrate smoothly into your ecosystems

Marquette™ 12SL

Validated extensively against clinically-correlated databases for accuracy2


We take a holistic approach to safeguarding data

Meet GE HealthCare’s MAC™ 7 resting ECG system

It is sophisticated yet accessible, with an intuitive touchscreen interface that enables users of all backgrounds to acquire quality ECGs in just a few touches.

Every aspect of MAC 7 is designed to maximize workflow efficiency for today’s cardiac care

This begins with MAC 7’s intuitive touchscreen interface. In an observational study, participants were able to complete the same set of ECG tasks in 31% fewer steps compared to other devices.3

Get high quality ECGs on every patient

With every touch, you elevate efficiency and accelerate quality ECG.

  • Minimize mix-ups: Smart Lead technology automatically detects a newly connected patient.
  • Avoid variability: Enhanced Hookup Advisor™ guides even the newest user to a clean, high-quality waveform.
  • Reduce repeats: Optional Auto-ECG algorithm immediately captures and displays the first clean, high-quality ECG.
  • Reduce variability in ECG quality: By identifying signal quality, acquiring the highest quality ECG automatically, displaying it in high resolution and including print and transmission options, the MAC 7 helps increase staff efficiency.

Flexible and scalable

Network connectivity is a critical piece of a successful clinical workflow.

As it relates to ECG, when clinicians can count on connectivity, it boosts confidence throughout the cardiology department.

MAC 7 features bidirectional communication with MUSE™, CardioSoft™, your EMR and other cardiology systems.7

It also enables data exchange in multiple data formats such as DICOM, HL7, PDF and XML.

As a result, your ADT, patient data, orders and test results can transfer effortlessly—all to support a seamless ECG workflow and comprehensive patient record.

Since its introduction, over 40 years ago, the Marquette™ 12SL™ ECG analysis program has been consistently refined.

It has been improved to offer our customers clinically validated decision support to help achieve faster accurate diagnosis.

  • Over 200 scientific references: MarquetteTM 12SLTM has been validated extensively against clinically-correlated databases for accuracy.2
  • Improved left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH): Recognition using conventional LVH criteria and identifying which was positive.5, 6
  • Gender- and pediatric-specific interpretations: Marquette 12SL has been shown to provide a 25% relative improvement in detection of Acute Inferior MI in women under 60 years of age.4
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome Analysis: Marquette 12SL ACS tool increases sensitivity for ST-elevated MI and Acute Ischemia in patients suspected of having an acute cardiac event.4

We put a premium on your peace of mind

With today’s hyperconnected data environment, you worry about patient privacy and data protection. GE HealthCare’s ECG security architecture included on the MAC 7 is here to bring you peace of mind.

  • Drive facility security: By minimizing the attack surface, securing network connections by only talking to recognized devices, always updating, offering a smarter USB connection and monitoring and recording useful security-related activities (including user logins and network connections) the MAC 7 delivers.
  • Maintain total control of security updates: Offers constant threat monitoring for developing security enhancements and security design details are included in user and service manuals.
  • Protect data integrity: All patient data is encrypted and includes username and password authentication, including LDAP.

Fits users of all heights, therefore, user experience is improved, and workplace injuries are reduced

With every touch, you elevate efficiency and accelerate quality ECGs.

  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Smaller footprint is on average 12% smaller and 11% lighter.8
  • Smart design includes arms to hold the acquisition cable and optional bar code reader.
  • Smooth, easy to clean, detergent-friendly surfaces.
  • Expandable storage, one bin standard, optional second bin available.
  • Easy maneuverability due to lighter weight.
  • Compact to fit in crowded spaces.

Maximum device availability

Minimizing disruption of patient care while maintaining medical devices is a constant challenge. Quite simply, downtime is not an option, and we offer services, education, and training to help ensure your devices are available and your investment is protected.

Simple connection. Accurate Measurement.

Easily connecting with your diagnostic cardiology equipment, GE HealthCare's high-quality reusable ECG cables, leadwires, and accessories help you get the accurate measurements needed to properly assess patient heart function.

Easy serviceability to keep your device operating at peak performance

MAC 7 takes a proactive approach by integrating key features that make service easy while maximizing availability, utilization, and reliability.

Protect investment with trained staff and achieve operational goals

We offer a wide variety of training and education programs to help you maximize your investment and help you gain the knowledge and skills to simplify your workflow and improve patient care.


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