CardioSoft™ cardiac testing system

Quick, easy, comprehensive cardiac function assessment during exercise.
At A Glance

A proven platform

Decision support during ECG acquisition is provided by validated algorithms

Powerful versatility

Transform virtually any PC into an advanced diagnostic system

Excellent signal quality

The FRF algorithm reduces the baseline wander and muscle noise in the ECG stream¹

Quick, easy-to-read results

The unique XTI algorithm highlights measurement deviations

A broader view. Insight enhanced.

The CardioSoft assessment system for exercise testing goes beyond conventional ST segment assessment to enable advanced analysis of patient risk, functional response, and ST changes.

A broader perspective on cardiac patient management

Traditionally, the exercise test was used to diagnose the presence of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). With CardioSoft, you can use the test to determine the extent of CAD and help guide the management.

Broader measurements

You can count on the CardioSoft exercise testing system to help you manage a variety of CVD patient groups.

Risk Stratification – Critical algorithms, including Heart Rate Recovery (HRR) and the patented T-wave Alternans (TWA) algorithm, assist you in assessing patients’ cardiac risks.

Functional Response – Metabolic equivalent (METS) level achieved during exercise testing is an important predictor of adverse cardiac events after myocardial infarction. Failure to achieve 5 METS during treadmill exercise is associated with a worse prognosis.²

Ischemia Detection – CardioSoft incorporates the unique ST/HR Hysteresis analysis, shown to improve the accuracy of CAD detection.³

Broader testing flexibility

With adjustable setups and a range of device and modality integrations, the CardioSoft system provides testing flexibility.

CardioSoft Resting ECG application transforms virtually any PC into an advanced diagnostic system with powerful versatility.

Wireless acquisition (with optional GEH-ECG 1200) eliminates cumbersome wires.

CardioSoft Client compatibility creates a remote workstation on your PC for viewing, editing and printing data.

SunTech® Tango® M2* can add automated BP and SpO2 data to your exercise testing system.

Your CardioSoft software can be expanded to perform ambulatory blood pressure analysis from TONOPORT™ Ambulatory BP device.

Robust ergometers—including upright and supine eBikes* and treadmills accommodate all size patients.

Can be used with stress echo and nuclear imaging helping you evaluate other heart conditions.

Broader connectivity

CardioSoft can run as a standalone solution or integrate into a wider MUSE™, CardioSoft, Centricity™ or PACS network, providing you with an even broader perspective on your cardiac patient.

Open system architecture uses industry standard communication protocols, including DICOM and XML.

XML, PDF, XLS export means you can send data easily. Automatic file name generation based on patient demographic data helps ensure accurate match to EMR or HIS files.

CardioSoft Client compatibility lets you create a remote workstation on your PC for viewing, editing and printing data.

Broader security

Multi-level security privileges and unique password assignments support system integrity and protect patient data.

Auto timeout and log-ins optimize system usage, while increasing the security of your server.

Advanced security protections include data encryption, username and password authentication, secure network connections, electronic delivery of security patches and updates, constant threat monitoring and a disaster recovery plan.

Care that can provide a broader perspective.

GE HealthCare ergometry equipment

With a broad range of device and modality integrations, the CardioSoft system provides the testing flexibility you need.

T2100-ST series treadmills

The T2100-ST Series treadmills feature an extra-long, and extra-wide walking surface, as well as a zero-start feature that gradually increases speed for patient comfort and smooth operation.

eBike basic ergometer*

Part of our eBike series of ergometers, the basic model has a continuously variable seat height adjustment and digital and analog interfaces to GE HealthCare stress-testing systems.

ebike comfort ergometer*

Part of our eBike series of ergometers, the comfort model has electrical, non-graduated seat height adjustment, dual handlebar adjustment (height and angle), and digital and analog interfaces to ECGs and PC-ECGs.

eBike EL*

The eBike EL tilt-table design offers stability and comfortable patient positioning during stress exercise testing procedures. Ergonomic features include adjustable padded surfaces, headrest, seat, and armrest.


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  • *Not available in all markets.

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