Venue Fit™ Features




Optimized for comfort

Even while seated, use a foot pedal to easily raise and lower the system for an optimal view and comfortable ergonomics

Fits your space

Cart, tabletop or boom with standard VESA connection options allow you to adapt the task at hand

14-inch touch screen monitor

A simple, clear, and intuitive interface featuring a simple screen mode that increases the image by 18%

Configured for you

Adjustable probe, gel, and barcode reader locations, cart height and position, and cable management

Small, nimble footprint

Move from cart to table to wall with maneuverable wheels and small footprint

Infection control

Easy to clean, smooth and seamless surface supports infection control efforts and probe holder slots help enable probe elevation and draping for sterile procedures.

Smart cable management

Interchangeable probe holders keep cords off the ground and out of the way

Ready to scan

Equipped with long-lasting batteries that provide active scan times of up to an hour

Built to last

A durable screen, bumpers and multipurpose handles protect against bumps, bangs and splashes

One shared platform

A consistent user experience is shared between the entire Venue family

Support you can count on

Venue Fit is backed by a multi-year warranty