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Connect your healthcare organization to your community and provide advanced coordination,
business intelligence and a patient-centric, enterprise-wide imaging record to your healthcare
providers and administration.

Centricity™ Solutions

Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging delivers a portfolio of products dedicated to helping to improve the clinical, financial and operational outcomes that healthcare organisations are required to deliver in today’s value-based care environment.
It delivers clinical imaging IT solutions help improve productivity, increase access to patient information and manage the overall cost of large volumes of clinical images and patient data effectively and efficiently.

Centricity High Acuity Solutions

Centricity™ High Acuity Care portfolio is designed to enhance care consistency, improve user and patient experience from PreOp, IntraOp to PostOp and ICU, drive operational efficiencies along the clinical workflow and improve financial productivity.

Carestation Insights

Carestation Insights is a suite of analytics apps powered by the Aisys CS² anaesthesia delivery system. Carestation Insights facilitates over 300 data points from the anesthesia machine to the cloud including measured and set ventilation and gas values, alarms, machine status and error codes. Carestation Insights provides you with a powerful and robust suite of cloud-based applications, easily accessed on your computer or tablet. There is enormous potential in exploring new ways of analyzing this data in order to develop a detailed and deep understanding of patient and processes through actionable clinical, operational and economic insights.
  1. Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise is not a product but a solution that contains Centricity™ Cardio Workflow and Centricity™ Universal Viewer
  2. Centricity™ Opera is not a medical device.