Smart Connected Solutions

Unlock the value of your digital ecosystem with smart connected solutions Complement your multi-vendor ecosystem with smart connected solutions to connect people, data and existing systems to drive smart outcomes.

Centricity™ Clinical Archive

A standards based VNA and viewing solution that unifies and intelligently manages patient data, clinical images and enterprise content.

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Centricity™ 360

Centricity™ 360 is helping distributed care teams collaborate on patient cases and distribute clinical data through a vendor-neutral professional social network.

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Applied Intelligence

Applied Intelligence helps unleash the power of your healthcare data to solve your most significant challenges and achieve sustainable clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

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Centricity™ Solutions

Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging delivers a portfolio of products dedicated to helping to improve the clinical, financial and operational outcomes that healthcare organisations are required to deliver in today’s value-based care environment.
It delivers clinical imaging IT solutions help improve productivity, increase access to patient information and manage the overall cost of large volumes of clinical images and patient data effectively and efficiently.

Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise

A cardiovascular IT solution that provides a single point of access for cardiologists to unify patient data, cardiovascular imaging and patient reports with end-to-end configurable workflows...

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Centricity™ Universal Viewer

A next-generation PACS. 3D post-processing, breast imaging tools, and enterprise-wide access to medical images on a single desktop.

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Centricity™ RIS

An information and workflow management system for radiology and nuclear medicine departments, outpatient centers and clinics.

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Advanced Visualization

AW streamlines post-processing so you can maximize your most valuable asset: time. By bringing together all imaging techniques, AW boosts your productivity across all modalities.

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Centricity High Acuity Solutions

Centricity™ High Acuity Care portfolio is designed to enhance care consistency, improve user and patient experience from PreOp, IntraOp to PostOp and ICU, drive operational efficiencies along the clinical workflow and improve financial productivity.

Centricity™ Opera

A user-friendly operating theatre management solution that helps you improve efficiency, productivity and communication to maximise patient experience and drive financial performance.

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Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia

An integrated anesthesia management solution that enables improved quality of patient care from peroperative assessment, through induction and operating room to post-anesthesia care.

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Centricity™ High Acuity Critical Care

An integrated suite, user-friendly ICU management solution that provides proven strategies to help healthcare providers improve quality of care, reduce risk of errors, optimise time and better manage costs in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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