Helix™ advanced image processing

AI-driven image processing platform that provides diagnostic quality imaging from the very first X-ray
At a glance

Consistent image quality

See consistent brightness and contrast despite variations and exam conditions

Exceptional detail

Acheive outstanding clarity and anatomical detail across image types

Adaptive noise reduction

Reduce noise while minimizing the effect on fine details

Metal implant handling

See clear bone-metal interface without halo artifact

Extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose

Helix advanced image processing offers unparalleled sharpness, balanced contrast, and optimal brightness, even in the face of dose and patient anatomy variations, as well as challenging metal implants. Available on all of our fixed and mobile X-ray systems, Helix provides consistent performance regardless of exposure technique or exam conditions.

Don't miss a thing

The power of Helix advanced image processing, coupled with our FlashPad™ Imaging Suite of detectors, provides uncompromised image quality thanks to ultra-high resolution and enhanced noise control.

Harness AI for improved consistency

Automated AI Brightness and Contrast (AIBC)
delivers consistent brightness and contrast for 56* anatomy and view combinations regardless of variations in dose, patient positioning, field of view and metal implants. By automatically adjusting brightness and contrast to a user-defined preference, Helix's AIBC can help reduce technologist image processing time by up to 87%.¹

Improve visualization and detail

Local Contrast Enhancement (LCE) increases local contrast in both pediatric and adult chest X-ray images for better visualization of the lungs, heart, and spine regions. It is also available for ankle joint (AP), foot (AP), and patella (tangential)*, and has three levels of enhancement (low, medium and high).

Reduce noise levels

Detail Preserving Noise Reduction Filter (DPNR) offers significant noise reduction capabilities while minimizing the effect on fine details. DPNR provides adaptive noise reduction based on the image with an edge-preserving filter to maintain edge details. It has three levels of reduction (low, medium and high).

Reach a diagnosis, quickly

Helix™ offers four predefined sets of anatomy- and view-specific “looks” for different levels of contrast, brightness, edge enhancement, noise reduction and tissue equalization.

Real-time IP Looks provides faster and easier fine-tuned customizations.

IQ Compare allows for simultaneous viewing of standard and customized looks to simplify comparisons.

QuickEnhance offers one-touch reprocessing of images with a custom look. It is customizable by anatomy for multiple uses, including instrument check, implant visualization, and line placement.
* Feature not available on all versions of Helix. Helix version varies by system. Contact your local sales representative to learn more.

  1. GE HealthCare data on file.

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