SIGNA™ Voyager
Premier Edition

Redefine the limit of what's possible with 1.5T

Patient-friendly design

Adaptive AIR™ Coils accommodate all types of scans and patient sizes

Streamlined IQ performance

AIR™ Recon DL improves SNR and image sharpness, enabling shorter scan times

Consistently excellent

Up to 50% faster acquisition time with AIR™ Recon DL

Sustainable Technology

Lowest power consumption its class** and Low-Helium Magnet technology

Exceptional image quality and patient-friendly exams

SIGNA™ Voyager Premier Edition gives technologists and radiologists quick, patient-friendly exams with consistent, optimal image quality. This intelligent 1.5T wide bore MRI scanner is designed to be a masterful balance of comfort and productivity, with features that improve the patient experience and  a platform that can optimize image quality and reduce exam time.

Consistent image quality, productivity and efficiency

Multiply the value of advanced 1.5T imaging in a more efficient MRI with SIGNA™ Voyager Premier Edition. With patient-friendly AIR™ Coils that maximize comfort and intelligent Workflow Solutions that reduce exam time, this wide-bore system makes use of UHE technology and Total Digital Imaging to consistently deliver premium imaging performance with sustainable technology.

Maximize comfort and versatility

Adaptive AIR™ Coils provide coverage to accommodate all types of scans and patients. The Comfort Plus Table offers more room for patients. An optional lightweight, detachable eXpress Patient Table improves patient handling and comfort for faster patient setup. Free-breathing for any examination, it enables dynamic studies as well as compatible needle-free and 2D/3D motion-correction techniques.

Efficient with streamlined imaging performance

Achieve a 25% efficiency gain with Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) gradient system. Fast, clear Total Digital Imaging (TDI) increases SNR by 25%. Improved IQ in 80% of cases without added time. Acquire higher SNR without a time penalty and get images virtually free of artifact with AIR™ Recon DL.***

Consistently accurate. Consistently quick.

Attain a 59% productivity gain in exam setup and 37% reduction in table time with AIR Touch™. Five times faster set-up time and four times fewer mouse clicks with AIR x™. Achieve up to a 50% faster acquisition time with AIR™ Recon DL.***
Sustainable technology

Enable low helium operation while maintaining best-in-class homogeneity

Our latest generation magnet at the heart of SIGNA™ Voyager Premier Edition dramatically reduces helium usage by up to 70% over its lifecycle while maintaining exceptional performance. It uses a magnet technology designed to be less dependent on helium, much easier to site, and eco-friendly.

Exceptional image quality and patient-friendly exams with SIGNA Voyager Premier Edition

*Results may vary
**COCIR measurement during scanning = 16.1kW
***Data on file

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