SIGNA™ Artist - 70cm

Now the potential for MR is even more astonishing with the SIGNA™ Artist, the most advanced and intuitive 1.5T engineering in MR technology from GE Healthcare
  • Fueling the Future of MR

With great speed comes great clarity

Speed plays an important role in making research protocols practical for clinical use. In addition to a high performance gradient coil and an industry-leading number of channel counts, SIGNA Premier includes three accelerating techniques, HyperBand, HyperSense and HyperCube, which provide astonishing imaging with unsurpassed speed. Used together, these technologies help researchers achieve standard clinical exam times for advanced imaging protocols.


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Excites multiple slices during a single acquisition to accelerate scan speed


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Utilizes proprietary compressed sensing technology for up to 8x reduction in scan time* while maintaining resolution


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Selective excitation for higher spatial resolutions and reduced scan times

*Compared to conventional imaging

Experience freedom with AIR Technology

When we set out to build the MR of the future, one thing was certain, we knew we needed to revolutionize the patient-coil experience. We started this journey with SIGNA Artist™. Drawing inspiration from the interactions and objects that bring us comfort in our daily lives, we realized that to a patient, the experience of wearing coils is similar to the experience of being covered with a blanket. This realization led us to develop the innovative AIR Technology*. A revolutionary, lightweight coil design that comfortably conforms to a patient’s body. It’s also less cumbersome for technologists to position and has the high density channel count radiologists rely on for image quality.

*Not CE Marked. Not available for sale in all regions.

Learn more about AIR Technology™

Diffusion imaging has never been so intelligent

As a standard biomarker in oncology, diffusion imaging plays a critical role in cancer detection and staging. However, because certain anatomical regions are prone to large distortions that limit resolution, the current standard for diffusion imaging has its limitations. SIGNA Premier uses intelligent quantitative solutions and an advanced diffusion package to automatically detect and correct distortion, artifacts and motion. The result is improved co-registration with anatomical information, improved visualization of structures in difficult-to-image areas and higher resolution without any restrictions. This is achieved without any user intervention, additional scan time or complicated workflow.

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Improved co-registration with anatomical information

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Improved visualization of the most challenging areas

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Higher resolution without any restrictions


Raise your MR performance to new heights with groundbreaking technology

Designed to overcome barriers, SIGNA™ Artist's cutting edge platform makes it the most versatile, adaptable and powerful 1.5T system available from GE. Now feet-first, whole-body coverage is made easy. Dynamic yet insightful, the SIGNA™ Artist is MR built to work for you.

Total Digital Imaging (TDI)

The SIGNA™ Artist offers startling advances in imaging and a total imaging win with TDI.


GE's Direct Digital Interface (DDI) employs an independent analog-to-digital converter to digitize inputs from each of up to 128 RF channels, eliminating unnecessary noise enhancement.

eMode technology replaces analog blocking circuits with intelligent ultra-fast switches which further expand zero TE imaging capabilities.

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16 Channel Shoulder and T/R Knee Coils

The 16 channel shoulder coil is a novel anatomy-adaptive coil design that provides efficient positioning workflow and outstanding patient comfort. The flexibility of the anterior paddle makes it possible to get closer to the patient to maximize SNR and improve imaging outcomes.

The 16 channel transmit/receive (T/R) knee coil delivers high-resolution knee imaging. The T/R design provides improved B1 performance with the potential for higher resolution results, lower SAR and elimination of image backfolding. The larger diameter accommodates a wider range of patients, allows for simple patient setup and elevates patient comfort. The new design supports image acceleration in all directions for faster and enhanced clinical outcomes.

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The 70cm wide bore design takes the fear out of MR. The expansive diameter, soft lighting and soothing fans help ease patient anxieties and concerns. The wider table design sits lower to the ground, enabling easier patient positioning. Lightweight and adaptable coil designs conform gently to a patient’s anatomy, elevating the patient experience. SIGNA™ Artist, designed with patient comfort in mind.

eXpress Dockable Table

The SIGNA™ Artist's eXpress table, with a memory foam surface, delivers feet-first or head-first imaging for everyone. With its detachable egress, you never have to worry about how quickly you can exit the MR suite. And with IntelliTouch positioning, just touch the edge of the table to position your patients.

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In addition to accommodating larger patients, full 50x50x50cm FOV in a 70cm wide bore allows you to properly image off-center anatomy such as shoulders and hips. The SIGNA™ Artist's phenomenal homogeneity enables our largest FOV ever.

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deFINE takes the results of SIGNA™ Artist to the next level by enhancing the image appearance with integrated inline optimizable settings. These settings can be generated for each individual sequence or for the entire exam.

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