SIGNA™ Creator - 60cm

Built with the DNA of SIGNA, the pioneer of MR systems, SIGNA Creator packs the diagnostic punch of leading-edge MR technology. 
  • Fueling the Future of MR

    Our SIGNA™Works productivity platform redefines what’s possible. Acquire calculated, quantitative ADC maps with MAGiC DWI. Streamline post-processing for higher efficiency and enhanced workflow with the amazing capabilities of ImageWorks and improve image quality up to eight times faster with our HyperWorks applications.

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  • Benefits

    Revolutionize your clinical potential.

    • Our proven, highly homogeneous magnet consistently delivers high quality images across a larger FOV than most other MR systems. 
    • OpTix Optical RF technology offers high quality analog to digital signal conversion and can provide a gain in SNR of up to 27% over conventional analog signal receivers, improving image quality and clinical confidence.
    • SIGNA Creator’s "head to toe" portfolio of applications gives you neuro performance with automated motion correction, MSK performance with cartilage mapping, multi-planar body imaging with quantitative capabilities, and vascular performance with non-contrast and automated time-resolved imaging.

    Transform your workflow and throughput. 

    • Express Suite coil design achieves outstanding coverage and signal penetration. 
    • Automatic coil selection helps enable quick and consistent exams. 
    • The Slide Bar reduces 30 inputs with a single control, simplifying scan optimization for new technologists and experienced users, meanwhile maintaining full control of all parameters. 
    • Motion correction techniques like PROPELLER help minimize the effects of motion artifacts, potentially reducing the need for rescans and the impact of patient movement on workflow. 
    • Volumetric imaging acquisitions like Cube replace cumbersome, slice-by-slice, plane-after-plane 2D acquisitions with a single 3D volume scan. 

    Boost your financial power.

    • Optimized workflow and consistent image quality can help enhance your revenue potential.
    • Designed to use less power under normal operation and to require a smaller footprint for installation.
    • For your investment protection, SIGNA Creator belongs to GE's Continuum™ program, giving you the advantage of easy and economical upgradeability during the system lifetime.
    • GE’s exceptional service coverage means you have a range of customizable service plans to choose from, along with access to digital services such as InSite™ OnWatch, so you can get technical support at the touch of a button and maximize uptime. 
    • Training and education programs can be tailored to include virtual assistance that connects you with our clinical experts in real-time. 

  • Features

    Proven Technology

    • Proven 1.5T magnet with high homogeneity GE's well established Zero-boil off CXK4 Magnet Technology
    • 27% more SNR with OpTix RF
    • OpTix RF Channels with Express Coils

    Extensive Clinical Capability

    • Motion Correction with PROPELLER
    • Imaging around metal with IDEAL and MAVRIC SL
    • Diffusion Imaging with eDWI

    Operation Efficiency

    • 34% less energy consumption than our previous generation MR
    • Smaller footprint for simpler siting

    Ease of Use

    • Express coil technology that reduces handling of bulky coils between exams.
    • Slide bar, reduces 30 inputs with a single control
    • Two low-height table designs that can be lowered to 49cm
    • Fixed table configuration with Express coil technology that enables easy positioning and high throughput
    • Detachable table that helps improve patient access and productivity
    • SV25.0 Applications Suite  

Supporting Materials

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