SIGNA™ Premier – 70cm


There is a real-world need for a shift in engineering philosophy towards disease-specific, outcomes-based technology. This need is so great that we've formed strategic partnerships with organizations that are investing millions of dollars in the research and development of diagnostic technologies that can better detect mTBI. To help with this effort, we built Tomorrow's MR, the SIGNA™ Premier, an advanced MR system equipped with innovative coil and gradient technology that directly links to cloud-based analytics. It's the future of MR technology and it's ready today.

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First impressions with SIGNA Premier

First impressions with AIR Technology


The latest in gradient coil technology

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60 cm performance in a 70 cm bore

Everyone should have access to high-performance MR image quality. That’s why, with SIGNA™ Premier, we started with the 70 cm patient bore. From there, we found a way to maintain the thermal stability of a high-performance gradient in a wide bore. SuperG gradient coil technology improves acquisition speeds by leveraging force-balanced, all-hollow conductors with independent cooling circuits for the X, Y and Z-axes. By directly cooling each gradient layer, SIGNA Premier maximizes the duty cycle for Human Connectome protocols (MultiShell DTI and high resolution fMRI) and high resolution body, musculoskeletal and cardiac imaging without sacrificing patient comfort or bore size. As a result, SIGNA Premier is the only MR with 60 cm performance in a true 70 cm bore.

mT/m amplitude

T/m/s slew rate


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Greater consistency and stability for advanced fMRI

An all-hollow gradient coil with a force-balanced design leads to superb stability for the most demanding applications.


With great speed comes great clarity

Speed plays an important role in making research protocols practical for clinical use. In addition to a high performance gradient coil and an industry-leading number of channel counts, SIGNA Premier includes three accelerating techniques, HyperBand, HyperSense and HyperCube, which provide astonishing imaging with unsurpassed speed. Used together, these technologies help researchers achieve standard clinical exam times for advanced imaging protocols.


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Excites multiple slices during a single acquisition to accelerate scan speed


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Utilizes proprietary compressed sensing technology for up to 8x reduction in scan time* while maintaining resolution


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Selective excitation for higher spatial resolutions and reduced scan times

*Compared to conventional imaging

Experience freedom with AIR Technology

When we set out to build the MR of the future, one thing was certain, we knew we needed to revolutionize the patient-coil experience. We started this journey with SIGNA Premier. Drawing inspiration from the interactions and objects that bring us comfort in our daily lives, we realized that to a patient, the experience of wearing coils is similar to the experience of being covered with a blanket. This realization led us to develop the innovative AIR Technology. A revolutionary, lightweight coil design that comfortably conforms to a patient’s body. It’s also less cumbersome for technologists to position and has the high density channel count radiologists rely on for image quality.

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  • Form fitting for every form

  • A revolution starts with a single loop

  • Channel after channel of industry-leading coverage

  • 48 Channel Head Coil and Coil Suite

Advanced Diffusion

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Single-shot DWI
b = 10,000 s/mm2
TE = 92.8 ms
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2.5 mm isotropic
b = 1,000 and 2,500 s/mm2

Diffusion imaging has never been so intelligent

As a standard biomarker in oncology, diffusion imaging plays a critical role in cancer detection and staging. However, because certain anatomical regions are prone to large distortions that limit resolution, the current standard for diffusion imaging has its limitations. SIGNA Premier uses intelligent quantitative solutions and an advanced diffusion package to automatically detect and correct distortion, artifacts and motion. The result is improved co-registration with anatomical information, improved visualization of structures in difficult-to-image areas and higher resolution without any restrictions. This is achieved without any user intervention, additional scan time or complicated workflow.

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Improved co-registration with anatomical information

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Improved visualization of the most challenging areas

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Higher resolution without any restrictions

  • Fueling the Future of MR

Today’s clinical challenges are growing more specific. They go beyond the need to see, to the need to understand and they require a focused and collaborative effort to solve. SIGNA Premier was created from such an effort, which is why it’s not just the next iteration of today’s technology. It’s the MR technology of the future, so we can start building a better understanding of diseases today.