SIGNA™ Premier 3T wide-bore MRI scanner

Uncompromised 60 cm performance in a 70 cm wide-bore MRI scanner for advanced imaging and research

Innovative technology

SuperG 80/200 Gradients, 146 ch TDI Rf Chain, 60 cm performance in a 70 cm bore

Clinical confidence

Revolutionary, deep-learning-based reconstruction techniques such as AIR™ Recon DL provide sharper, clearer, and accurate images

Elevated patient experience

Feet-first imaging, and revolutionary AIR™ Coils provide clinical versatility, comfort and greater coverage

This 3T wide-bore scanner is designed for research and beyond

Expand your research capabilities and accelerate clinical outcomes with GE HealthCare’s most powerful 3T wide-bore MRI scanner. SIGNA™ Premier delivers a new performance standard for the most demanding applications and helps differentiate your services through technology, clinical capability, and patient comfort.

SIGNA™ Premier 3T can help expand your research capabilities and accelerate clinical outcomes

Helping push efficiency, clinical capability and patient comfort.

Human Connectome research performance with SuperG Gradient

Exceptional gradient stability for the most demanding fMRI exams and 2x thermal efficiency for ultra-long duty cycle imaging. Orchestra, GE’s Collaboration Portal, and user groups enable research development and clinical translation.

Undeniable IQ and speed

Acquire higher SNR without a time penalty and get images virtually free of artifact with AIR™ Recon DL. Shorten exam set-up and table times for increased throughput with AIR Touch™ and AIR x™.

Greater consistency and stability for advanced MRI

SuperG 80/200 gradients support the most demanding applications with enhanced stability and reliability, including Connectome-type studies requiring Ultra-short TE diffusion imaging and high-resolution resting state MRI.

Improved workflow efficiency and performance

Improve workflow and productivity up to 59% with AIR Touch™, enabling automated coil selection and landmarking. *Optimize scan time and slice coverage with Intelligent SAR.

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