AIR™ Coils for MRI

Nothing gets closer than AIR™. Improve your patient’s MRI experience with AIR™ Coils

Increased adaptability

Flexibility allows for adjustable patient positioning, which is limited and more challenging with rigid MRI coils

Improved patient comfort

Softer, lighter, and more flexible, our AIR™ Coils provide MRI patient comfort

Faster throughput

Easy positioning increases productivity and reduces scan time

Clinical excellence

Coil flexibility makes it easier to get closer to the patient, providing more coverage compared to other coils

A new standard in MRI coils with AIR™ Coils

An award-winning industry first in MRI coils. With overlapping, ultra-light, flexible coil elements at their heart, AIR™ Coils deliver an MRI experience that gets closer to your patient, so you get closer to the truth. Representing a new standard in MRI coil technology, AIR™ Coils enable a simplified, faster workflow while maintaining excellent image quality. Scan complex anatomies and complicated conditions in a variety of patient sizes with exceptional results.

AIR™ is the biggest technology breakthrough in MR imaging in the last two decades. It's a key reason to choose a GE MR system.

Dr. Utaroh Motosugi, MD, PhD

Kofu Kyoritsu Hospital, Japan


The transformative way forward

The adaptive AIR™ Coils are the new standard in coil technology. With simply better versatility, comfort, design and innovation, AIR™ Coils is the transformative way forward for MR.

Get closer with adaptive MRI coils

The shape of the MRI coil no longer determines what you can do with it. Wrap it around a knee for a complete knee image. Drape it over the patient's body. With an adaptive AIR™ Coil that is light, form fitting and easy to position, it’s the closest you can get to total positioning freedom with 360-degree coverage.

Like being wrapped in a blanket

We wanted to design a coil that would free patients from the experience of traditional coils by replacing that experience with one that is both comfortable and comforting, like being wrapped in a blanket. AIR™ Coils not only behaves like a blanket, it truly feels like one. Its light weight is evenly distributed, without any concentrated points of pressure, to help patients feel more at ease. From young or claustrophobic patients to professional athletes, AIR™ Coils comfortably conforms to the size and shape of every patient.

Every time we found ourselves starting to compromise, we started over

  • • Highest channel count and coverage in the industry
  • • Space-saving design
  • • >51% lighter weight compared to previous generations of conventional coil technology
  • • Clearly marked guides
  • • No snapping or locking
  • • Flexible, ultra-low profile design to fit all sizes, shapes and ages
  • • 360 degrees of coverage for MSK imaging
  • • 38% lighter per channel compared to previous generations of conventional coil technology
  • • Increased acceleration compared to previous generations of conventional coil technology
  • • Positioning freedom with previously hard-to-scan anatomies
  • • 20-ch and 21-ch design to accommodate all patient sizes and anatomies

MAÇKA EMAR, Istanbul, Turkey case study

With AIR™ Recon DL and AIR™ Multi-Purpose Coils, Maçka EMAR Diagnostic Center observed a reduction of 40-50% less scan time on average for all anatomies.


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