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Discover our exceptional, complete cardiac MR solution enhanced by deep learning
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AI-Enhanced cardiac MR

Perform quantification and mapping with revolutionary deep learning

Capture clarity

Improve SNR and image sharpness by up to 60% with AIR™ Recon DL

Life-Speed imaging

Achieve up to 12X acceleration and up to 83% scan time reduction*

Available for all

Your legacy device is already compatible with these unmissable solutions

Lead the way in cardiac MR

Following the release of the latest chest pain guidelines, cardiac MR is more critical than ever. However, it has been too slow, complex and inconsistent for too long1. Now with cardiac MR for SIGNA™, that’s all in the past. Get ready to boost your cardiac capabilities with groundbreaking innovations that deliver speed, clarity and comfort.
Solution benefits

Harness the potential of cardiac 

Capture clarity at speed in as little as a single heartbeat.

Pioneering innovations:
AI-enhanced cardiac MR

Empower your multidisciplinary care teams with seamlessly connected cardiac solutions that are secure, networkable, and AI-optimized to enhance their practice. Our superb quantification and stress-perfusion Motion Correction (MoCo) can help your team measure cardiac function, morphology and flow with precision and confidence.

Our automated wing-to-wing reporting and innovative 3-in-1 wireless Physiological Gating system means your team will be completely equipped for any challenge. Together with our deep learning solutions and AIR™ Coils technology, your team can also benefit from user-friendly rapid chest pain patient care.

Pioneering innovations: Cutting-edge deep learning

Every step of our cardiac MR assessment is compatible with our pioneering deep-learning algorithms, including: morphology, function, perfusion, mapping and myocardial viability with 
late enhancement.

Your teams can capture clarity with AIR™ Recon DL, a revolutionary technique to boost image quality, providing accurate anatomic information and advanced soft tissue contrast. It’s already transformed the lives of millions of patients worldwide since 2021. Thanks to Sonic DL™ they can also now assess cardiac viability faster than ever before, with as little as 15 to 20 minutes per scan.*†

Pioneering innovations: Intelligent coil technology

Transform the patient experience with our industry-leading AIR™ Coils – the closest you can get to total positioning freedom. They are 50% lighter than conventional coil technology and do not need to be strapped around patients, reducing their anxiety and putting them at ease.

Due to their close positioning, AIR™ Coils can also optimize workflow, boost image quality and reduce exam time which is better for technologists too. Combined with AIR Touch™, a smart recognition software which selects the best coil and element configuration for every scan, all users can ensure consistent results every time.

Futureproofed solutions

Feel reassured that your legacy devices are already cardiac MR equipped with our range of intelligent, patient-centric, diagnostic solutions. This means you can help your most critical patients and increase throughput from day one.

Even in more complex cases, like pediatric patients and patients with post-covid cardiac complications (e.g. systemic hyperinflammation), you can acquire pin-sharp images at speed and diagnose patients accurately. With these versatile solutions, you can stay at the forefront of cardiac imaging for years to come.

Effortless experiences

Create an exceptional scanning experience with our suite of patient-centric solutions. Innovative feet-first scanning reduces the rate of claustrophobia by 90%.‡ Alongside our easy-to-use wireless gating (cardiac and respiratory) and fast scans that no longer require breath-holding, comfort and consistency can be ensured from start to finish.¶

For your technologists, our effortless cardiac end-to-end solutions offer seamless set-ups, scanning and reporting. It has less cable management than previous solutions and a detachable table meaning patients can be set up outside the room before exams.
*Data on file, 2023, Sonic DL™ vs fully sampled CINE acquisition.
†For viability assessment exams.
‡Claustrophobia rate comparison head first/feet first.
¶ This may not be available for all markets, please check with your commercial teams.
1. Gulati M, et al. Circulation. 2021;144(22):e368-e454.

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