Life-speed imaging with Sonic DL™

Shift the paradigm of acceleration in MR imaging with Sonic DL™: scans that match the speed of the human body.
At a Glance

Cutting-edge technology

Leveraging our expertise in deep learning to enhance scanning speed

Rapid results

Up to 12X acceleration with up to 83%** scan time reduction

Speed for all

For new and upgraded 1.5T and 3T systems

Unprecedented image acquisition***

Achieve single heartbeat and free-breathing scans effortlessly

Sonic DL™ – CT-like swiftness. MR-like quality.

In MR, long scan times mean imaging is compromised by the body's movement. Until now. Using deep learning, we have cut scan times from minutes to seconds, reducing motion artifacts and the need for rescans. Acceleration with Sonic DL™ equips your scanner with the ability to match the speed of the human body, enabling image acquisitions that were previously not possible.
Product Benefits

Why choose Sonic DL™?

Harness deep learning for acceleration and diagnostic value with Sonic DL™.
Deep Learning

Innovation in a flash

Built upon the ground-breaking success of AIR™ Recon DL, our first pioneering deep-learning reconstruction innovation, Sonic DL™ follows boldly in its footsteps, advancing our mission to revolutionize MR. Deep learning, when applied to scan time reduction, turns minutes into seconds, offering CT-like swiftness with MR-like quality. It’s far faster than current conventional acceleration techniques allow, helping radiologists diagnose accurately from the get-go.

Productivity in a beat

Watch productivity soar with scans fast enough to match the rhythm of your departments’ workflows. Sonic DL™ slashes scan time by up to 83%** while maintaining diagnostic value. In the critical area of cardiac imaging, up to 12X acceleration means capturing rapidly moving anatomies like heart valves easily and accurately. Now you can reach the apex between swiftness and diagnostic quality with Sonic DL™ acceleration.

Where simplicity meets swiftness

Burnouts and backlogs have burdened radiology departments for too long, but faster MR exam times free up more scanning slots, creating manageable workflows. Using just one lever, scan setups can now be simplified, expanding the capabilities for all users. Sonic DL™ is available for both new and legacy 1.5T and 3T systems.
Patient Experience

Paced for patients

Sonic DL™ enables departments to do the impossible – accurately scan patients who could not be effectively scanned before. Now, even sick and uncooperative patients can be scanned within seconds, giving your technologist time to spare for reassurance and consultation. By minimizing chances for movement and artifacts that distort scan images, the need for rescans is significantly reduced. With single-heartbeat scans, patients no longer need to hold their breath, creating a more comfortable scanning experience, for both them and the technologist scanning them.

Discover Sonic DL™

See how life-speed imaging can transform your department.

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Additional Benefits

Why upgrade

Boost capabilities

An advanced deep-learning application specifically designed for speed

Exceed expectations

Accelerate scan time productivity and improve the patient experience

Bring older scanners up to speed

An addition of Sonic DL™ allows you to upgrade your scanner rather than replace it
*Data on file, 2023, Sonic DL™ vs fully sampled CINE acquisition.
**Compared to previous generation MR acceleration techniques.

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