• Dense Breasts

    Remove and reveal in the deepest, densest tissue.
    Sometimes standard mammo techniques are enough
    But in dense breasts – that’s half your patients2.

    It does the math, magically.
    SenoBright™ HD dual-energy recombination technology
    suppresses background breast tissue and maximizes the iodine
    signal for all breast density patterns.3-6
  • Increase diagnostic confidence

    SenoBrightTM HD provides high sentivity and specificity to reduce
    false-positives and help prevent unnecessary exams1.
  • Transform your patients’ experience

    Patient anxiety can be reduced by providing a breast cancer diagnosis in one appointment, one setting, in less than 7 minutes.7
    • Help reduce patient anxiety by providing a diagnosis in one appointment, one setting.
    • When a woman receives an inconclusive mammogram result, every minute waiting for definitive answers seems like an eternity.
    • By performing a SenoBright HD exam at the same time as a mammogram, in the same room, with the same equipment, you can help eliminate waiting times, lengthy exams and contraindications to breast MRI — sparing your patients additional emotional, physical and financial burdens.
    • Providing peace of mind.
    Two out of three patients8
    prefer the SenoBright HD
    experience to a breast MRI, with:
    • faster procedure time
    • greater comfort
    • lower noise level
    • lower rates of anxiety9
  • The confidence of MRI with fewer costs overall

    After a suspicious or inconclusive mammo, get a contrast-enhanced image at minimal incremental cost. Research indicates a 53% reduction in equipment costs in addition to 59% reduced staffing costs for Contrast Enhanced Mammography compared to breast MRI.10 SenoBright HD CESM is a cost-effective alternative to Breast MRI, reducing cost-per-exam by 80%.11 And it can be a more affordable option for patients with and without insurance.

Fast Facts

  • 2 out of 3 patients prefer SenoBright HD
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GE Mammography

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