Benefit from direct access to clinical and technical support from our GE HealthCare experts through secured remote control

Expert Live Support

At GE HealthCare, to provide you with the best possible support, we transform the way of delivering services with a remote solution powered with digital tools, enhanced connectivity & clinical expertise.

As of 2021, with the acquisition of an ultrasound system, you benefit from Expert Live Support: unlimited* remote support for all your clinical and technical questions.

*Depending on the country where you are located

Why do I need to get my system connected?

Connecting your system will benefit you in several ways

Help save time

30% of issues on an ultrasound system are repaired remotely and often three times faster*.If your ultrasound device cannot be repaired remotely, 90% of issues are resolved on the first visit.*Save time by minimising downtime with faste access to GE HealthCare Experts. *GE Internal data

Keep your ultrasound system up to date

3With the latest technological break through technologies thanks to remote software upgrades. With the latest security features thanks to OS patches installed remotely.

Optimize your ultrasound fleet

Maximize asset use and budget management.Keep an eye on equipment maintenance with iCenter.

The privacy and security of your practice and your patients are controlled

We comply with GDPR law and we are ISO 27001 certified.

We have found the GE HealthCare Insite Remote Service tool to be a really useful addition to the service that GE HealthCare offers, and which has helped to keep our ultrasound department operational. We may get a phone call or an email from GE HealthCare warning us that they have received a system alarm related to overheating so we can quickly check that the air filters have been cleaned. However, if that's not the issue then we can ask them to investigate further. They are able to diagnose issues remotely so that parts can be dispatched to arrive in time for the engineer visit. "The early warning that Insite offers means that faults can be rectified before machines even breakdown. They can continue to be used with an appointment in place for an engineer visit and the parts to arrive. As the issue is identified remotely the machine only needs to be taken out of service for one engineer visit so the effect on the department is less disruptive."

Mrs Samantha Frater

Radiology Superintendent,Ultrasound Northampton General Hospital

Save time with augmented reality with our STAR app

With the STAR mobile application, you have a single entry point for education purposes:

• Get up to speed with your new product virtually thanks to Augmented Reality with knobology support and video tutorials
• Access our user's communities and their education program
• Contact your local service center directly through the customer app and receive help from our GE HealthCare experts remotely

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