• Introducing DaTQUANT 2.0 software for your PC.

    A quantitative analysis of DaTSCAN images now at your fingertips. Watch the video to learn about the new features of DaTQUANT 2.0.

DaTQUANT 2.0 at a glance

  • Provide structured, visual and quantitative results to support confidence in scan interpretation1

  • Drive consistency and repeatability through automated processing of scans

  • Enhance communication with referring physicians through customised PDF reports

  • Ability to compare scans for visual and quantitative analysis over time


  1.  Booij J et. al. J Nucl Med 2017; 58(11): 1821-1826

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    System Requirements for DaTQUANT 2.0 PC version:

    • Compatible with Windows 7, 32-bit architecture and Windows 10, 64-bit architecture operating systems.
    • Minimum hardware requirements:
      • Resolution 1280 x 768
      • 1 GB RAM (4GB or more, is recommended)
      • 1 GHZ CPU speed
      • 2048 MB disk space
    • Site IT group to assist with installation and DICOM connectivity set-up
    • Static IP address is recommended 


Key features

    1. An aid in detecting loss of functional dopaminergic neuron terminals in the striatum
    2. Automated processing provides objective, and reproducible results
    3. Comparison to age-matched uptake in each striatal region using a database developed from 118 healthy volunteers as part of the Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative
    4. Automatic positioning parallel to AC-PC line to orient scan optimally for visual assessment
    5. Detailed report including visual and quantification results of the striatal uptake with DaT

Frequently Asked Questions

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