Designed for a new era of Cardiology
At a Glance

Clear, more complete look at every patient's heart

Extended FOV processing for a 76% increase in FOV volume¹

True dynamic imaging with SPECT Flow

Combine dynamic acquisition on MyoSPECT with CFR and absolute myocardial blood flow, should you wish to use an external CT for attenuation correction

Two different attenuation compensation solutions

Evaluate attenuation by imaging in prone and supine positions, or combine the perfusion images with separate CT images on Xeleris™

Smart Positioning Workflow

For automated scan position and FOV recommendations

Get to the heart of every challenging case

MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES, GE HealthCare’s comprehensive cardiac-specific imaging solutions are designed to accurately image every patient that walks through your doors. Both products are dedicated cardiac SPECT systems which combine an exclusive stationary detector with CZT module design, an extended field-of-view algorithm, and a wide table. The excellent energy and spatial resolution of our CZT detector technology is at the heart of every MyoSPECT/MyoSPECT ES image.

Delivering excellent image quality, patient comfort, and a smart workflow

Our dedicated cardiac CZT digital SPECT systems are designed and engineered from the inside out by the same manufacturer to accurately see the story in every heartbeat. Both products, MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES, share the same gantry, detector array structure, multiple pinhole collimator, patient table, and acquisition console with operating software.

A perfect fit for today’s practice of cardiology

MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES are designed to make cardiac SPECT technology accessible to more patients, with the same focused attention to the heart that defines the entire practice of cardiology. The extended field-of-view algorithm and a highly capable wide table which comfortably accommodates all patients, large and small, enables a complete heart acquisition with the right balance of comfort and quality to fit your practice.

Patients with physical challenges may have difficulties to get comfortable. Obese patients may have difficulty balancing their weight on a narrow table or seat, and weak patients may not have the energy to sit up through an entire scan. With MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES, your patients can lie down comfortably on an all-new wider table¹ design that can accommodate up to 500 pounds.

Never miss a beat with CZT

A true negative diagnosis starts with CZT. The excellent energy and spatial resolution of our CZT detector technology is at the heart of every MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES image.

CZT is also incredibly compact, which allowed us to pair it with a novel multi-pinhole collimator design, creating a tomographic imaging arc that surrounds the patient’s chest with motionless detectors, so every detector is focused on the heart simultaneously.

Straight to the heart of the matter

With two out of every 10 SPECT exams resulting in inconclusive stress perfusion2, attenuation correction and evaluation solutions are essential for capturing quality cardiac images. MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES give you two options. You can correct attenuation by combining perfusion images with separate CT images on Xeleris. Or, since MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES use a table for patient positioning, you can evaluate attenuation artifacts by imaging both prone and supine positions without adding additional radiation exposure. Both options have the added benefit of excellent CZT resolution.

No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that nothing will get between you and a clear look at each patient’s heart.

Improve your reading confidence with motion-free images

CZT high spatial resolution together with the unique design of MyoSPECt and MyoSPECT ES, characterized by the absence of any system motion during the acquisition, allows for high temporal resolution. This enables intelligent solutions for motion-free images. High image quality with neither cardiac nor respiratory motion is now possible with MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES*.

*Motion-free images can be obtained using Alcyone data-driven Motion management & Cardiac morphing applications available on Xeleris

Smart heart imaging solutions

Smart Positioning enables automated positioning that helps bring the patient heart to the center of the FOV, for consistent image quality and enhanced workflow.

We developed the Extended FOV to simplify patient positioning for any patient including exceptionally large patients. Knowing how challenging it can be to scan certain patients, input projections are extended with a 76% increase in FOV volume1.

Plan on a future of imaging every patient


MyoSPECT ES is an exceptionally complete solution for cardiac imaging, enabling high image quality regardless of your patient’s shape. MyoSPECT ES delivers a balanced design focused on image quality, dose optimization, coverage, spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and scan speed.


MyoSPECT combines our exclusive stationary detector complete with our own CZT module design. It’s stationary design is one of the key features that makes SPECT Flow possible. In addition, high sensitivity enables short acquisition times, translating to reduced risk of motion artifacts associated with patient movement.

Research capabilities

Research solutions on hand

MyoSPECT and MyoSPECT ES provide the capabilities and tools for the potential development of new clinical applications such as the simultaneous acquisition of Tc99m/Tl201 and Tc99m/I123 and list file tools to process scans with a combination of different options (energy windows, timing, gating).

1. As compared to Discovery™ NM 530c
2. Desmarais et al., JACC, 1993

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