Molecular imaging is more than a tool for seeing within the human body. It allows the search for something greater, the search for a deeply hidden truth known as a true discovery. It’s the kind of discovery that is reproducible evidence of what is seen and often not seen.

The search for true discovery is ongoing. It starts with each new patient that walks through your doors. And you do everything you can to ensure you have the right knowledge and the right tools to make the discovery that will change the life of each patient for the better. We partnered with healthcare professionals like you to understand what you need from your instruments to meet today’s most challenging cases and what you need to grow your services while planning for future challenges.

It’s why we created Discovery™ MI DR. A premium PET/CT system with the added flexibility of a standalone diagnostic CT. It delivers the accurate, reproducible results referring physicians require and the added clinical versatility you need to expand your practice beyond FDG and oncology.

Our vision for the future of molecular imaging is all-digital, from the technology you use, to data collection, to processing software, all the way through to the applications you use to interpret and communicate information. Together, these fully digital components

will give you the best possible insights to guide not just your clinical outcomes, but your financial and operational outcomes as well.

With Discovery MI DR, get ready to leverage deep learnings from digital software and analytics innovations. Get ready for potential future needs with a system that easily adapts to our digital PET detector. And most importantly, get ready for meaningful insights.

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When assessing different imaging technologies, today’s healthcare professionals need to be clinically minded, but with an eye to the future to ensure they are in the best position to meet new challenges. To help you, we designed a PET/CT system with leading edge technology that stays at the leading edge, even as your needs change. 

The LightBurst LBS Detector is designed for speed and efficiency. This uniquely configured detector has an unmatched 25 mm Lutetium-based scintillator (LBS) that delivers the high sensitivity needed to capture the greatest number of counts. As part of our strategy to provide you with a system that stays at the leading edge, we designed it so that it can easily be updated to the LightBurst Digital Detector if in the future your practice should require it.

Discovery MI DR brings together the most innovative reconstruction technology available, the combination of Time-of-Flight and Q.Clear. The result is outstanding resolution to improve the detection of small lesions as well as repeatable accuracy for every SUV measurement from one exam to the next.

In addition to advancements in reconstruction and quantitation technology, Discovery MI DR includes diagnostic CT innovations from our Revolution™ EVO. It combines the Clarity Imaging System with the speed of the Performix™ 40 Plus tube with our proprietary HiLight CT detector to deliver up to a 2x increase in spatial resolution when used with ASiR-V™,1. Our innovative ASiR-V iterative reconstruction method is an option that can also reduce CT dose by up to 82 percent at the same image quality in routine imaging across applications1,2. And with Smart MAR virtually eliminating streaks and shadows from metal artifacts, you’ll save valuable time previously spent correcting images. This CT technology is the ideal fit for a clinically versatile system like Discovery MI DR.



product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery%20mi%20dr-Image1.pngHigh PET sensitivity and count rate performance to image all tracers

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery%20mi%20dr-Image2.png2 mm resolution over the entire FOV with SharpIR3

Up to 82 percent reduction in CT dose with ASiR-V, at the same image quality1,2

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery%20mi%20dr-Image4.pngUp to 2x improvement in quantitative accuracy (SUVmean) and image quality (SNR) with Q.Clear

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery mi dr-image5.pngPlatform compatible with advanced digital solutions designed to connect machines, people and datathrough a portfolio of healthcare analytics applications

Minimal configuration with integrated technologies takes up the least amount of space possible
Minimal configuration with integrated technologies takes up the least amount of space possible
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To pursue leading-edge work in an advancing world, you need to be able to bring meaningful insights to every clinical challenge. You need a PET/CT system that puts no limitations on which patients you can image, so you can confidently recommend treatment options and help manage complex diseases.

Discovery MI DR is a limitlessly versatile PET/CT system. It effectively and efficiently images the patients you see every day with faster scan times, low dose and accurate quantitation. But it also opens the door to imaging your most clinically challenging cases. 
Smart MAR metal artifact reduction makes it possible to clearly scan patients with metal implants. And its uniquely configured PET detector gives you the high sensitivity needed to explore high-count-rate protocols for imaging alternative tracers.

It’s the ideal PET/CT system to grow your services with. In addition to providing comprehensive PET oncology analysis to monitor cancer treatments, Discovery MI DR can be used to address clinical challenges beyond oncology to include cardiac and brain imaging. For example, with the introduction of beta amyloid specific tracers, PET brain imaging is becoming an invaluable tool in understanding complex neurodegenerative diseases.

From imaging around metal artifacts to multi-isotope scans and applications beyond oncology, Discovery MI DR is a PET/CT system that’s ready for every clinical challenge.


product-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-xeleris-xeleris 4-DataQuant-icon-10.jpgEnhance the utilization of tracers beyond FDG

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery czt-system images-image6.jpegExplore PET capabilities in cardiac and brain imaging, leveraging high sensitivity and lesion detectability

ProtactorImage.jpgPursue research that explores imaging with multiple tracers, leveraging better image quality and quantitation with high activity tracers

product-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-spect-ct scanners-discovery 670 new-icons-image 1.pngIncrease the number of successful CT scans of patients with metal implants, with Smart MAR

product-product-categories-pet-ct-discovery mi-icons-image11.jpgConfidently recommend the next treatment or patient management options to referring physicians

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery czt-system images-image15.jpegExpand your patient service offerings with standalone CT capability

Minimal configuration with integrated technologies takes up the least amount of space possible
Minimal configuration with integrated technologies takes up the least amount of space possible
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We believe that your future needs are best served when you decide the best time to purchase the latest in imaging and analytics technology. It’s why we’re committed not only to developing breakthrough technologies, but also to providing you with a strategic means of getting them.

Our vision for the future of molecular imaging is a completely digital experience. One that enhances each phase of your workflow with best-in-class technologies that can connect all the data you acquire and convert it into actionable insights.

To make this fully digital vision a reality, we created a platform that’s ready today to leverage software innovations capable of collecting data and converting it into insight-driven analytics. We also made it modular in design, which means transitioning to digital detection is as simple as exchanging the detector technology.

Discovery MI DR is ready for each newly developed analytics application and, because of its modular design, it’s ready for already-available digital detection technology. This allows you to acquire the system that fits your needs today knowing that we can help you easily and cost effectively upgrade to a different system if your practice requires it.



product-product-categories-nuclear-medicine-spect-ct scanners-discovery 670 new-icons-image 1.pngPursue improved clinical, operational and economic outcomes with a system ready to leverage advancements in digital solutions

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery%20mi%20dr-Image6.pngDigital-detection-ready platform secures your investment with an easy upgrade path to Discovery MI to deliver LightBurst Digital Detector technology

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery%20mi%20dr-Image7.pngOptimize labor productivity and asset utilization with 75 percent less downtime4 if needing to upgrade to a new system with an onsite upgrade in one week

product-product-categories-molecular-imaging-discovery czt-system images-image15.jpegExpand your clinical and research capabilities with access to digital technologies and future innovations at 50 percent of the investment4

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In molecular imaging, every patient is an opportunity to make the true discovery that will change their life for the better. An opportunity to find the deeply hidden truth about their own disease. It’s an opportunity you take seriously as you work hard every day to influence the lives of as many individuals as possible no matter how challenging their case may be.

Our mission is to help you in yours by providing you with the important instruments you need to deliver better patient outcomes and by putting you in the position to continue to meet every clinical challenge you encounter. To do this, we partnered with people like you to understand what you need from your instruments. Discovery MI DR is our answer. It’s a system ready for the meaningful insights you need for today’s clinical challenges with the ability to easily adapt to future challenges.

1In clinical practice, the use of ASiR-V may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. Low Contrast Detectability (LCD), Image Noise, Spatial Resolution and Artifact were assessed using reference factory protocols comparing ASiR-V and FBP. The LCD measured in 0.625 mm slices and tested for both head and body modes using the MITA CT IQ Phantom (CCT183, The Phantom Laboratory), using model observer method.
2Image quality as defined by low contrast detectability.
3Resolution as demonstrated in phantom testing of average measurements of radial and tangential FWHM at various distances from iso-center.
4Compared to a full system swap.