B1x5P Patient Monitors

Accurate, reliable, and preconfigured patient monitoring for a simpler workflow
At a Glance

Clinical precision

Premium clinical algorithms give you accurate and reliable measurements

Intuitive design

Simple features and smart tools can help you develop better care plans


Designed and configured for a simple, out-of-box experience

Securely connected

System connectivity ensures data is delivered to where it needs to be, securely

Powering your performance

Monitor patients with greater ease and confidence with B1x5P patient monitors, delivering the premium clinical performance you expect in a simple, preconfigured design. With your choice of 10- or 12-inch capacitive touch screen displays, these accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use monitors enable simple workflows—a powerful solution to power your performance.
Decades of innovation

Designed to help you confidently make timely clinical decisions

The B125P / B105P range of preconfigured patient monitors is built from decades of expertise in patient monitoring. It is designed to deliver high quality monitoring so clinicians have what they need to make better decisions.
Clinical precision

Premium clinical algorithms give you immediate and reliable measurements

Its simple design allows you to quickly admit patients and visualise relevant case information in any care environment. GE HealthCare’s long history of clinical excellence in designing reliable patient monitoring solutions provides you with advanced measurements such as:


EK-Pro v14 arrhythmia algorithm

CO2 sidestream

Airway gases and anesthetic agents


TruSignal RRsv™ single vector respiratory rate
Intuitive design

Take action to address patient conditions quickly with clinically efficient tools

The B1x5P preconfigured monitors have intuitive features and smart tools designed to help you develop better care plans.

Alarm management makes setting, reviewing, and switching alarms easier from a single overview menu, along with gesture-based audible alarm silencing technology to support your infection prevention protocols.1

Various printing options support direct printing to network laser printers without the need for a central station.

Barcode reader for both traditional barcode and QR codes for faster, secured patient admittance1

E-manual and Smart Help enables faster setup and troubleshooting

Customized mounting functionality offers easy access and improves usability

NEWS2 and MEWS features help you to effectively monitor deteriorating patients’ conditions and make timely interventions

Clinical tools like VTach criteria, Tachy, Full Arrhythmia Analysis, and Full Disclosure may help in enabling better clinical decisions

NIBP Venous Stasis feature to help you locate the vein for venous cannulation

Securely connected

Tried and tested for high performance and encrypted for protection

In a connected world, cybersecurity is one of the most important healthcare concerns. The B1x5P preconfigured monitors help resist multiple types of cyber attacks and follow the FDA Draft Guidance for cybersecurity in medical devices.

The WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise security mechanisms provide superior data protection, and the monitor is tested to handle external signal interference. Because signal performance may be affected in noisy environments, the B1x5P preconfigured monitors use a new ECG filter that may help reduce ECG noise and artefacts.

Scale up your monitoring needs with the B1x5M modular range

To enhance your hospital’s level of performance, consider the B1x5M modular range monitors. Along with all the benefits of the B155M / B125M / B105M range of preconfigured monitors, the modular monitors bring scalability to your patient care.

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  1. Gesture-based alarm functionality only available with the B125P monitor.
  2. National Early Warning Score

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