GE Ascom Secondary Alarm Notification Solution

Intelligent alarm management helps deliver consistent and dependable care

The Ascom secondary alarm notification solution from GE Healthcare provides caregivers with content-rich alarm information in the form of a text-based alarm notification (e.g., bed location, severity and status) along with up to a 12-second waveform snapshot for ECG-related events. This additional information provided to caregivers may enable them to better understand and react to a given clinical situation.

The release of Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices expands the mobility of patient data distribution in near-real-time. Ascom Unite Axess enables caregivers to receive secondary alarm notifications on devices such as iPhones** and Android** smartphones.

With customizable filtering and prioritization available in the Ascom Mobile Monitoring Gateway (MMG), alarm management is enhanced, helping to avoid alarm fatigue.