Digistat Patient Watch

The patient bedside at your fingertips.
The patient bedside at your fingertips.

Collect. Display. Decide.

Quality care depends on relevant patient information, sent to the right caregiver, at the right time. Digistat® Patient Watch provides tools to help visualize alarm workflows and manage clinical data effectively, efficiently, with clarity. It cuts through the clutter of data from multiple medical devices, helping clinicians evaluate care area alarm strategy, identify priority tasks, respond quickly, and make sound decisions.

The Digistat Patient Watch can be configured to serve a department, a hospital, or an entire healthcare organization with multiple facilities - whatever you require. It is comprised of several components, and is scalable to accommodate your current and future needs:

  • Digistat Connect gathers data and alarms from multiple devices.
  • Digistat Smart Central displays bedside information on an intuitive interface.
  • Digistat Smart Central Mobile sends complete bedside data and alarms to clinicians' handheld devices.
  • Digistat Dashboard provides trending of vital signs and alarm history, plus statistical analysis tools.

Digistat® Patient Watch comes to you from Ascom and a distribution partnership with GE Healthcare, companies with decades of experience and deep expertise in healthcare.