As a pioneer in noninvasive blood pressure monitoring for more than 30 years, GE Healthcare offers total solutions for noninvasive blood pressure.

We offer an extensive range of cuffs, allowing you to care for patients in virtually any clinical setting.

A patient's blood pressure is the first step in determining the best clinical course of action. GE Healthcare's blood pressure (BP) cuffs help give you vital information up front, supporting well-informed decisions that may ultimately enhance patient outcomes. Our solutions are designed and priced to help you deliver high-quality care and patient satisfaction.

  • Tested for performance accuracy to help you deliver quality patient care
  • Full range of cuff sizes available depending on the cuff family, from neonate, pediatric, adult, forearm and thigh, ensuring that the measurement you receive is from proper fit
  • Cuffs compliant with Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and American Heart Association (AHA) NIBP cuff sizing standards for prompt, correct sizing


    SmartMix BP Cuff Consultative Services

    Addressing your continuum of patient care.

    Our BP cuff specialists offer comprehensive programs that help reduce costs and enable workflow solutions in complex hospital environments - places where reusable or disposable options are sometimes not enough. SmartMixTM BP Cuff Consultative Services spans your continuum of care.


    Introducing the first-to-market, clinically validated solution for accurate and repeatable BP measurement of obese patients.

    The CRITIKONTM RADIAL-CUF delivers NIBP readings from the forearms of obese patients - a population in special need of accurate measurements. It was carefully designed for the forearm and validated in a clinical study1 - and the first of its kind.

    Accurate BP measurements are essential to patient care and help support quality outcomes. Upper arm BP cuffs may not properly fit the conical-shaped arms of obese patients, and our clinical study found that using an upper arm cuff on the forearm will understate the systolic BP by 10 mmHg on average.2

    This limited-reuse cuff can be paired with a single patient throughout the hospital stay, helping your infection control efforts. The RADIAL-CUF is made of soft, absorbent material and has rounded corners for patient comfort. The material does not contain DEHP or natural rubber latex, enhancing your patients' safety.

    Download the RADIAL-CUF White Paper

    Download the RADIAL-CUF Brochure

    1. GE Healthcare sponsored and compensated Clinimark, LLC for managing and executing the clinical portions of this study. (March 2008/December 2011)
    2. GE Healthcare sponsored clinical study report - Accuracy Study of a Noninvasive Forearm Blood Pressure Cuff in Comparison to Invasive Radial Arterial Blood Pressure, DOC1102668.

    DINACLICK Connector

    DINACLICKTM and Neo-SnapTM are GE's latest connection systems for both single-tube and dual-tube CRITIKONTM blood pressure cuffs.

    DINACLICK close up

    Innovative and easy-to-use design allows clinicians to quickly connect/disconnect adult and pediatric blood pressure cuffs and provides standardization of your monitors. The audible click lets users know there is a proper connection, and the ergonomically-designed system makes the DINACLICK nearly effortless to use.

    DINACLICK connector benefits:

    • Improved safety. Minimizes the possibility of misconnections with luer-style connectors
    • Improved workflow. Decreases manual connection time
    • Universal connectivity. Standardization solution for single-tube and dual-tube BP cuffs
    • Intuitive design. Easy-to-use
    • Non-metallic components. Material design allows for use in MR environment
    • Patient safety. Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP
    NeoSnap accessory close-up

    The Neo-Snap connector for neonatal blood pressure cuffs is designed to standards that help prevent unintended disconnections. The Neo-Snap connector provides a secure connection with audible click and tactile feedback.

    Neo-Snap connector benefits:

    • Improved safety. Connector meets international standard for improved patient safety
    • Secure connection. Prevents accidental disconnection
    • Easy-to-use. Smooth, 360 degree connection that does not have to be aligned to make a secure connection
    • Patient safety. Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP