Find adaptable, flexible tools to meet the challenging ventilation needs of your tiniest patients—both full-term newborns and preemies. GE Healthcare’s solution, the CARESCAPETM R860 for neonates, is designed to provide accuracy, synchrony and versatility of respiratory assistance in the neonatal intensive care areas—breath by breath.

 Therapy tailored to neonatal patients

A newborn’s complex physiology requires a delicate equilibrium between the ventilator and the developing lungs. Many of these tiny patients are at risk due to complications, so it‘s critical that respiratory support systems in the NICU be accurate and sensitive to the smallest changes within a tiny body.

The CARESCAPETM R860 specialized Care for the tiniest of patients delivers precise volume and pressure, with excellent response time and pressurization. The CARESCAPETM R860 is designed to help the clinician support fragile lungs during the development phase.

Offering a Innovative user interface by precisely tailoring ventilation to serve the sensitive needs of neonates, you can expand your diagnostic therapy capability

Modes of Ventilation:

  • VS: Volume Support continuously adjusts the level of support in response to the patient’s changing needs to help support spontaneous breathing volume and pressure breaths
  • nCPAP / PSV : nCPAP with the option of setting Rate and Pressure can help support the baby non-invasively and prevent intubation