Patient & Operational outcomes in Labor and delivery

  • Integrated solution

    The Panda Warmer allows you to focus on caring for your patients. With simple and easy-to-use features such as hands-free alarm silence, full-color display, and an integrated scale, your caregivers can focus on the most critical aspects of their job—caring for newborns and their families.

    • Get accurate patient data at a glance. Resuscitation tools located in one spot.
    • Easy access to your patients
    • Easily interact with your patients while keeping them warm and content.
    • Direct heat application
    • Our sleek design allows you to stay cool and comfortable (without having to duck under an overhead heater)
    • More room to work
    • Compact size allows more room for you and the family to interact with your little patient
    • Turn-key technology
    • Update existing warmers with an upgrade kit to help minimize staff training time
  • Clinical Confidence

    Simple. So you can focus on what matters.

    • In a single display view; quickly get accurate vitals. Includes pulse oximetry and now ECG heart rate to help you make informed decisions quickly.**
    • Trusted worldwide for more than 10 years
    • Integrated design with simplification in-mind for you
    • Single display view for the entire resuscitation team
    • Focus on patient care, not equipment, especially when informed decisions need to be made quickly
    • ECG feature now available for a continuous, fast and accurate heart rate
  • Continuous
    Integrated 3-lead ECG
    - Palpating of umbilicus or auscultation does not provide a continuous heart rate
    - Panda Warmer ResusView offers a continuous 3-lead ECG heart rate number
  • Fast
    Heart rate in 6 seconds*
    - ECG is faster and more accurate than other existing methods2
    - Panda Warmer ResusView heart rate in 6 seconds**
  • Accurate
    ECG algorithm designed for neonatal resuscitation
    - Assessing an infant’s heart rate via periodic palpating of umbilicus or auscultation may produce an inaccurate assessment of heart rate2
    - Panda Warmer ResusView ECG algorithm is designed specifically for the accuracy and stability needed during neonatal resuscitation


Our MDEA* award-winning features are what make Panda Warmers the choice for clinician in L&D environment and during neonatal resuscitation.
  • Innovative heater head design

    GE Healthcare's innovative Hourglass Heat Profile bathes the baby in soothing warmth, with uniform coverage across the mattress, while helping to keep the caregiver cool and comfortable.
  • Integrated scale

    A built-in scale makes taking baby's weight easy. There is no need to move baby to another tool. The heated surface makes for a simple and comfortable experience for providers, parents, and the little patient.
  • Hands-free alarm silence

    Hands-free alarm silence lets you easily control alarms by simply waving your hand in front of the sensor.
  • Adjustable light

    With dimmable observation lights and an integrated procedure light, you get more control over the best light needed for your patient.
  • Integrated full-color displays

    A brilliant, full-color display shows patient information in an easy-to-read format while displaying patient parameters, like temperature, weight, Sp02, and ECG.
  • Fully integrated, life-saving tools

    Support the latest resuscitation recommendations with integrated resuscitation, Sp02, and ResusView ECG heart rate options with minimal setup for high-risk deliveries.

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